April 14, 2024

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Honkai Star Rail: Stone-Grilled Olm Location

Honkai Star Rail: Ulm’s stone-grilled site

If you are looking to complete the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event, you should know the location where you can get Stone-Grilled Olm in Honkai Star Rail. This game offers a variety of food options for players to enjoy. One such option is Comfort Food, which is a consumable that can be created right from the start of the game. In addition, Xianzhou Luofu features food stalls where players can purchase various consumables. While most food is there for you to enjoy – and exploit for healing purposes – there are times when food will help you complete missions or events. This is the case of Ulm’s grilled stone in the HSR. But how do you get this meal?

Where to get stone-grilled ulum on Honkai Star Rail

Image source: Hoyoverse via The Nerd Stash

For stone-grilled ulum you’ll want to visit Turnerone of Jarillo-VI’s quirky NPCs.

  1. To get to its location, get to Boulder City on the map and take the teleporter to Natasha’s clinic.
  2. Once there, channel your inner explorer and head toward the Great Mine.
  3. Turn left and continue down the road to the easternmost area.
  4. You will find Turner and his delicious food stall with Stone Grilled Olm in Honkai Star Rail Waiting for you at the end of the road.
  5. Talk to Turner and select “I want to buy something”. This will open his inventory, where you can find the food you are looking for.

You can only buy one unit of this delicious item at a time for 3600 credits. It will only become available after 24 hours.

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Now that I’ve got my olm grilled on the stone Honkai Star RailIt’s time to put it to good use. This consumer is a savior, in the literal sense of the word. in Honkai: Star Realm-When your character falls in battle, you can use the stone grilled Ulm to revive them. Not only that, but it also grants an instant heal of 30% of their maximum health.

HOW TO COMPLETE HSR’s Everwinter City Museum Book of Curiosities for a stone-grilled Olm

Stone-grilled ulum is a delicious treat and often substitute. While eating Stone Grilled Olm is an excellent trick to keep up your sleeve if your healing game isn’t top notch, you might want to save it for the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event. It will only unlock once you reach level 21 of Trail Blaze.


Honkai Star Rail: what is the level limit

The event also requires collecting exhibits and assistants. These unique items will be your currency that you can exchange for more great rewards. Here is the whereabouts of Ulm grilled on the stone Honkai Star Rail The site comes into play. In this captivating event, you will need to acquire an Ulm Grilled on Stone in order to obtain one of the missing exhibits. These lost galleries hold the key to unlocking hidden treasures and exclusive rewards. So, savor the stone-grilled Ulm and prepare for this unique exchange.

Honkai Star Rail Available on PC, PlayStation and Mobile.