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How Iran flies French Airbuses in defiance of sanctions


The country’s public channel announced Thursday, June 20, that Iran had seized two planes that had been parked in Lithuania. The flights were bound for Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Two Airbus A340s leased by Gambian company Makkah Invest have mysteriously landed in Iran.

It’s a scene worthy of a movie. Iran has secretly recovered two Airbus A340s from Lithuania. At the end of February, flights bound for Southeast Asia finally landed in Iran.

The two Airbus A340s were stolen from Siolia Airport in Lithuania, Le Picaro reported. The facts are as early as 2024. The equipment is owned by Gambian leasing company “Makkah Invest”.

According to the Lithuanian public broadcaster, “these two A340s are to fly to Sri Lanka and the Philippines”. Both flights have been cleared to take off. But they never reach their destination. They landed in Iran, where their transponders were switched off.

A third plane was saved

A short time later, the air site “ch-aviation” reported that a plane had landed at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. The second landed on the tarmac of Konark Airport in Sabahar, in the south of the country. A robbery is estimated at 300 million dollars.

The third plane, still owned by “Makkah Invest”, was based in Seolia. According to the director of the airport, Aurelia Quesada, speaking in public, “he was not allowed to take off because of the spare parts he was carrying”.

In 2020, the Iranian regime had already purchased two older A340 aircraft from the French Air Force, which were sold at auction in 2020. Both quadjets were bought at auction for €840,000 and were recovered after an uneventful trip to Istress, Indonesia.

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Let us not be naive, international relations are violent, and if you are Iranian, you will not hesitate to ensure the continuity of travel in your country.

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