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How many people are still actively playing MultiVersus one month after its massive launch?


MultiVersus Break simultaneous player records for fighting games At launch and managed to be The highest-grossing video game in the US for the month of JulyBut the game ended a little over a month ago.

How many people still play Warner Bros. A big step up in the platform fighting game space now that the early days and weeks of hype are starting to subside?

While we unfortunately cannot access player data for console users, Steam . Charts Fortunately, it allows us to get an idea of ​​who it is at least on PC/Steam.

We ended up checking the performance of MultiVersus on Steam over the first week after the open beta went live compared to last week, and there were some very significant changes.

Even with the release of Morty just days ago, the average daily peak for MVS over the past week was around 29,608 users.

That’s still twice as many players as the second most popular fighter on Steam, Brawlhalla, but it doesn’t stack close to when it was breaking records a month ago.

MultiVersus averaged 142,920 concurrent players during the first week of the game, which means that only about 20% of this audience continues to be online regularly.

Now, the big player is expected to drop after the first month in any video game that initially peaks. We see him all the time.

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It’s just a low level MVS that we’re not used to seeing very often.

These comparisons won’t be quite the same since Steam Charts don’t get that granular with the data in titles released months/years ago, but it’s the best we can do.

Other fighting games like Street Fighter 5 and Guilty Gear Strive have seen a drop of nearly 50% from their peak during their second month.

These games were all priced at $60, however, MultiVersus is free to play and widely available for just about anyone to try – so it makes sense that more people will try the MVS when it’s blown away before dropping off a few days/weeks later.

Brawlhalla, while also free to play, is not good for comparisons either because this game has actually grown bigger and bigger over time.

However, we did try to draw some similarities between MVS and f2p game across another platform with a big initial payment, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel master.

From Master Duel’s peak of 262,333 players on Steam during its second month, the game’s average player base has fallen by about 67%.

This is much closer to what we see with MVS numbers than in the usual fight affairs, but there is still a noticeable gap there (although again this compares weeks to whole months, so it’s not perfect either).

As a new monster in the fighter space, it’s hard to fully gauge what the current numbers mean about the game’s trajectory.

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The fact that MultiVersus is technically still in an open beta state where the game’s features haven’t been finalized throws a wrench in there as well.

It’s also important to remember that these numbers only represent Steam users and not those on PlayStation, Xbox, or the Epic Games Store.

Even if player rules exist even with a PC on a console, there are still over 90,000 players communicating online at the same time every day, which is pretty weird next to what we’re used to in fighting games.

But the numbers are probably higher than on keyboards, too.

MultiVersus is certainly not in danger of falling apart anytime soon, especially considering that the game has already crossed 20 million downloads in total.

How the developers continue to handle the first season and eventually move away from the open beta is likely to have the biggest impact on the game’s performance for the foreseeable future.

They have made a historic start so far, but the real test begins now.



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