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How Moses Moody, Quandary Witherspoon played to end the California Classic


San Francisco – On a Sunday night in Moses Moody’s debut at the 2022 California Classic, this was the second quarter as Modi started to warm up offensively after leaving early in the first to receive two stitches on his left eye. Two days later, Moody was still bandaged at Chase, but wasted no time in getting points on the board on Tuesday in the Warriors’ 94-70 loss to the Miami Heat.

Moody scored eight points in the first quarter and finished with 13. After moving 3 for 4 off the field after one stint, Moody finished the day 5 for 15 and made just one of his seven 3-point attempts. His only triple goal came after finding Gui Santos, and he moved into the right corner, getting a wide pass from Santos and letting it fly right away.

After scoring just one point in the second quarter, Moody scored four goals in the third quarter and none in the fourth. He also added three assists, three steals, two rebounds, and two turns.

The Warriors make sure the ball is in Moody’s hands during the summer. The 6-foot-high guard/winger is handed over to the 6-footer the responsibilities that would normally be handled by a normal point guard. His basketball IQ and maturity are already greatly appreciated by the 20-year-old franchise, and Golden State wants to make sure he’s more accustomed to making quick decisions and getting his teammates in the right place.

“We know Moses can really hit the ball,” California Warriors coach Seth Cooper said after the loss. “The one who can shoot the ball and has the size and the defenses has to guard it, it opens up the defenses and the corners a little easier than some of the smaller goalkeepers who can’t see from above, or the players who can’t shoot the teams go down and stay in front.

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“In general, I think you see his ability to do a lot of different things and remember his young age. This is going to be something that will continue to evolve as he gets older.”

Although he didn’t shoot the lights from a distance, Moody had some strong drives and knew how to find the holes for easy buckets.

Quinndary Weatherspoon joined Moody in The Warriors’ back-start area. Tuesday was Weatherspoon’s first action game of the summer, and the first since he played four minutes in the Warriors regular season final on April 10, nearly three months ago. He was also away from the Summer Warriors League group for a number of rehearsals while sponsoring a family matter.

There have been flashes where Weatherspoon looked like someone was trying to dust off rust, and at other times, he showed why he pushed for a place on the Warriors roster.

Witherspoon, 25, played 25 minutes and scored the team’s highest with 14 points. He went 4 for 10 and missed his 3-point attempt. But he also scored six points from the free throw line and missed only one. The 6-foot-3 goalkeeper uses his athletic ability to his advantage, and while Gui Santos stole the show in one of the highlights with a sloppy pass between the defender’s legs, Weatherspoon demonstrated his ability to finish off the edge.

In the third quarter, Weatherspoon had an impressive sequence that started with intercepting a foul pass, taking it down the field and absorbing the connection for a three-point play.

Besides his 14 points, Weatherspoon also earned three rebounds, one pass, one steal, and one block in a 3-point corner attempt. But he also turned the ball five times and was called up for six fouls – the maximum is 10 in the Summer League.

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Cooper, who coached Weatherspoon this past season for the Warriors’ G League in Santa Cruz, is looking for Weatherspoon to deliver plays that translate to the Golden State system, showing that he can make choices as quickly as possible with the touch of a finger and also be quick. Active sorting device.

“If he can become a better examiner and decision maker, I think those are things that really translate into him being a productive player for the Warriors,” Cooper said.

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Every player is looking to improve all aspects of their game in the off-season, especially if they are likely to fight for a place on the roster. Weatherspoon is no different. Finding his outside shot would be a huge boost.

Over 11 games with the Warriors, Witherspoon went 1 for 5 three-pointers and is a 3 for 16 of the depths of his NBA career. He shot 28.2 percent there in 20 league games last season.

The Warriors finished 0-3 in the California Classic, but there is still plenty of intrigue with James Wiseman, Jonathan Cominga and Patrick Baldwin Jr. all possibly playing in the Las Vegas Summer League. The players and coaches leave for Las Vegas later Tuesday, with their first game scheduled for July 8.

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