June 23, 2024

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How to Complete the Eggstravaganza Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to complete the Eggstravaganza event in Dreamlight Valley

Spring has arrived, and to celebrate the blooming season, a life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley Introducing the Eggstravaganza in-game event that will run throughout the month of April. Aside from enjoying the blooming flowers and munching on the fresh crops, Easter egg hunting is also a great way to have fun this season – and this game gives you all those options! Here’s how to participate and complete the Eggstravaganza event at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eggstravaganza Event – Start Date and How to Get Started

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Eggstravaganza event It starts from April 8 to April 29, 2023. Just talk to WALL E and he will give you the objectives to start hunting for eggs.

How to complete Eggstravaganza event missions

Credits: Disney, Gameloft / Disney Dreamlight Valley

To participate and complete the special Eggstravaganza missions, you’ll need to collect eggs from various sources (except for the regular ones you can buy at Chez Remy, obviously). During this event, you can find Wild Spring Eggs scattered throughout the valley, as well as new Spring V-EGG-etables and Egg-cellent Fruit obtained from the Egg Fruit Bush.

Special tasks

“This Isn’t Where Eggs Come From”:

  • Target: Spring Harvest V-EGG-etable
  • Bonuses:
    • 10 Spring V-EGG-etable: Spring Chocolate
    • 30 Spring V-EGG-etable: Spring Blue Bunny
    • 60 Spring V-EGG-etable: Pink Spring Bunny
    • 100 Spring V-EGG-etable: The Yellow Spring Bunny

Spring taste test.

  • The goal: to cook and eat the three spring meals
    1. Spring chocolate
    2. Spring egg dish
    3. Spring mimosa eggs
  • prize:


  • The goal: to pick flowers with WALL-E as a friend to have fun
  • Bonus: Tulip Decoration Bouquet x 50
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Decorate the eggs:

  • Goal: Place four pieces of spring furniture (make and place four of the five furniture below):
    1. basket “don’t put them in one basket”
    2. comfortable chair
    3. Spring Bounty Eggs
    4. Sunny Side Up Arc
    5. Spring booth
  • prize:

There are also repeatable daily and weekly missions that will reward you with Spring Egg items.

daily quest

“Blooming and Prospering”:


  1. Make a beautiful flower basket for WALL-E:
  2. Bring your pretty basket of flowers to WALL-E


  • 200 friendship
  • Cell Egg Fruit x5
  • Wild Spring Eggs x5
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x1

Weekly quest

Bunnies on the Run:


  1. Catch the rabbits running around the arena
  2. Bring the runaway bunnies to WALL-E


  • 1,000 friendships
  • Cell Egg Fruit x20
  • Wild Spring Eggs x20
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x5

Hand items from the Eggstravaganza event

Complete daily and weekly tasks during Eggstravaganza’s event Disney Dreamlight Valley You will get many spring eggs, which can be crafted into a number of event-exclusive items (furniture and meals):

Item name Material Item type
basket “don’t put them in one basket” – Wild Spring Eggs x10
– Cell Egg Fruit x10
– Spring V-EGG-etable x5
– Viper x20
comfortable chair – Wild Spring Eggs x5
– Cell Egg Fruit x5
Spring Bounty Eggs – Wild Spring Eggs x15
– Slint Egg Fruit x15
Sunny Side Up Arc – Wild Spring Eggs x25
– Slant Egg Fruit x25
– Spring V-EGG-etable x25
– Iron ingot x10
Spring booth – Wild Spring Eggs x10
– Cell Egg Fruit x10
– Spring V-EGG-etable x10
– Solid wood x20
Spring chocolate – Spring V-EGG-etable x1
Sugar cane x1
Cocoa beans x1
Spring egg dish – Cell Egg Fruit x1
– Wild Spring Egg x1
– Spring V-EGG-etable x1
Sugar cane x1
Cocoa beans x1
Spring mimosa eggs – Cell Egg Fruit x1
– Wild Spring Egg x1
– Spring V-EGG-etable x1
– Basil x1
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Disney Dreamlight Valley Available in early access on PC steamAnd Play StationAnd X-Box keyboards and Nintendo Switch.