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I’m a hairstylist – I’ve had all different hair colors, and there’s one guy he likes the most


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February 26, 2023 | 5:30 p.m


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A Canadian hairstylist claimed on TikTok that she knows what hair color men prefer the most, and she talked about how people treat you differently with each one.

Sarah, who uses the username @employee Online, we shared more about her theories in a viral video that has more than 2.3 million views on the app. She responded to a video of someone talking about the same phenomenon.

The hairstylist explained that since she’s had so many different hair colors throughout her life, she paid close attention to how she approached each color.

“When I was blonde, that was the most male attention I ever had,” she admits at the start of the nearly three-minute video.

However, there was a catch – she said it was the “less good” men who caught her eye, later describing them as a-holes and claiming they treated her “like a child”.

“I felt like a lot of guys were looking at me with blonde hair,” she explained. “And a lot of guys who look like me, and smell really bad, thought they might want to take advantage of me and that being blonde didn’t sit well with men.”

Sarah, who goes by the username @sarahelizxbeth online, shared more about her theories in a viral video that has garnered more than 2.3 million views on the app.
She reveals that when she was blonde, she had a lot of guys after her.

She then explains that when she was a brunette, she still got some male attention, but nowhere near as she did when she was a blonde — and what multicolored hair does she have? Forget it, as Sarah claimed that men didn’t “at all” look at her.

Now, Sarah has red hair, is a self-proclaimed ginger, and feels a lot like being a brunette in terms of male attention.

“You definitely don’t get as much negative attention from guys as I did when I was blonde, and I would say I get a little bit more attention from guys than a brunette because I think it attracts their attention more,” than her current hair color.

She also added, “The quality of red-haired men is impeccable. I met the love of my life with red hair.”

The Post has reached out to the hairstylist for comment.

Sarah explained that when she has multicolored hair, she gets almost no attention from men.

During the video, Sarah also revealed how women reacted to her different hair colors – claiming that being blonde doesn’t manipulate women, women were less threatening with her brown hair, and they complimented her more with her multicolored hair.

In the comments section of her video, many agreed with her theories.

“The redhead here…the attention is very eerie and specific,” claimed one viewer.

Another agreed, writing, “I’ve been almost every colo and that’s 100% accurate. No one ever believes me when I say people treat you differently based on hair colors.”

“Yes 100% with blonde hair!” Someone else confessed. “I was treated so badly!”

“I’ve been every color of the rainbow and can agree with this 100%,” said another.

However, others did not think there was any merit to her hypothesis.

“If you have good energy, trust me it doesn’t matter what color your hair is,” one user wrote.

Another caption read, “My hair was so full of color too but people always ignored me 😅.”

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