June 24, 2024

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In America, a teacher asked her students to write their condolence letters to thank her

In America, a teacher asked her students to write their condolence letters to thank her

John Coletti/Getty Images A newly remodeled science classroom at the high school.

John Coletti/Getty Images

US teacher fired for asking students to write obituaries

UNITED STATES – An American psychology professor lost his job after giving his high school students a somewhat unusual essay topic: “Today is the last day of your life, write your obituary”.

Jeffrey Keene, 63, explained on Facebook that he wanted to combine his curriculum with the goal of preparing students for the risk of an armed man walking into a high school near Orlando, Florida.

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He asked his students to write “Prints” Related to this simulation is to think about the reasons for the recurrence of murders in the United States, their possible solutions and, therefore, to imagine their postmortem biography. A small note is mentioned “Thank you for realizing (…) that this is not a question that bothers you at all”.

“Helping them understand what’s important in their lives”

He was fired on Tuesday. In a press release, republished by US media, school officials accuse him of providing a “Due Duty” to his students.

He defended himself on local television channels. “It’s not to scare them or make them think they’re going to die, but to help them understand what’s important in their lives.”, he said on NBC. There is his dismissal “dumbly”He added on Fox 5: “I was talking to students about the world they live in, guns, shooters…”

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), firearms became the leading cause of death among American minors in 2020, with 4,368 deaths, more than car accidents and drug overdoses.

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Bloodbaths in schools represent only a small part, but spirits represent more.

Despite the killings, he opposed arms regulation

The United States was particularly shaken by the massacres at a school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut in 2012 (20 children killed) and in Uvalde, Texas in May 2022 (19 children and two teachers).

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Nevertheless, the majority of Americans are very attached to the right to bear arms and do not want to hear about reforms, even in the slightest.

After the massacre at an elementary school in Nashville, two elected officials from Tennessee (South) were expelled from the local legislature for joining protesters who came to Hemicycle to demand better regulations on guns.

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