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In Argentina, Javier Mili's reforms sparked massive demonstrations

In Argentina, Javier Mili's reforms sparked massive demonstrations

Luis Ropaio/AFP Demonstrators stand in front of police in Buenos Aires during a demonstration against Javier Mili's reforms on December 27, 2023.

Luis Ropaio/AFP

Demonstrators stand in front of police in Buenos Aires during a demonstration against Javier Mili's reforms on December 27, 2023.

INTERNATIONAL – A month after his election, he is already facing anger from the streets. Several thousand people protested in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, December 27 against new ultra-liberal President Javier Millay's decree to deregulate the economy massively. This is the third such meeting in eight days.

Before the court on Wednesday, the demonstrators, at the invitation of several unions, including the large central CGT, filed legal action against the nature of the constitution. “Mega Order” December 20, the press called it.

“We are not questioning the legitimacy of President Miley, but we want him to respect the separation of powers. Workers must protect their rights when it is unconstitutional.”Gerardo Martínez, president of the Construction Association, one of the organizers, told reporters.

In the images above, you can see the crowd that gathered in the capital and the clashes with law enforcement. The crowd dispersed peacefully after noon, but scattered groups confronted the police, stopped in large numbers, and they tried to clear an avenue, causing a stampede. Several media reported that seven people were arrested for sedition.

“Restore economic and social order”

It was released last week, ten days after Milei's inauguration “DNU” (Essential and Emergency Ordinance), which aims to modify or repeal more than 300 standards, notably eliminating rent controls, government intervention to protect prices of essential commodities, weakening labor protections, and enabling privatization.

Meanwhile, the president-elect last month continued his revolution “liberal” By sending to Parliament, in an extraordinary session from Tuesday to the end of January, proposals or amendments to laws affecting many areas of the public and private sector, from taxes to the regulation of elections, marriages or demonstrations.

A collection of more than 600 articles was submitted and approved on Wednesday “The Law of Fundamentals and Starting Points for the Independence of Argentina.”Objectives according to the President “To restore the economic and social order based on the liberal doctrine embodied in the Constitution of 1853”In “Argentine Protection of Life, Liberty and Property”.

Austerity measures are already in place

Together, it touches on the electoral system — aimed at eliminating mandatory primary elections, which the administration says are costly to taxpayers — and sovereignty, by strengthening criminal sanctions for disruptions during demonstrations. and for pensions, by providing an automatic calculation system “Economically Feasible”.

The bill signals the government's intention to move forward in Parliament, while a lively debate has erupted among legal experts over its constitutionality in recent days. “Mega Order” From December 20.

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However, the first austerity measures announced in the first days of Miley's presidency proved to be very effective.

Thus the more than 50% devaluation of the national currency, the peso, and the immediate reduction of transport and energy subsidies from January, will affect the daily lives of millions of Argentines. For the government, the aim was to drastically reduce Argentina's long-running budget deficit, which was stuck with inflation of 160% in one year.

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