June 16, 2024

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In Congo, Sergei Lavrov backs “Inter-Libyan conference” wanted by Denis Saso Nusso

In Congo, Sergei Lavrov backs “Inter-Libyan conference” wanted by Denis Saso Nusso

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, visiting Congo-Brazzaville as part of an African tour, on Tuesday, June 4, denigrated. “West” And his “Targets” In both Ukraine and Libya, he said he supports a reconciliation conference. “We support the initiative of President Denis Sasso Nousseau aimed at organizing a conference between the Libyan states”The head of the Russian diplomacy informed the press after meeting with the head of the African Union (AU) high-level delegation in Libya, the head of the Congolese country in Oyo’s fortress (center).

Consumed by divisions since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been ruled by two competing administrations: one in Tripoli (west), recognized by the United Nations (UN) led by Abdelhamid Dibeba, and the other in the east, embodied by parliament and aligned with the camp of Khalifa Haftar, with whom Moscow maintains close ties. “What happened in Libya is a tragedy, and its authors are NATO and its membersSergey Lavrov said. The same happened in Iraq and Afghanistan where the West wanted to impose its democratic system. The most important thing today is to find an approach that will ensure the country’s recovery. »

In the Ukrainian file, “President Sasso Shows Understanding” vis à vis “Our Actions”The Russian minister declared: “He understood very well that Ukraine was a tool of the West to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. » Mr. According to Lavro, Denis Sasso Nuzzo, “Like other world leaders”It is believed that a conference on Ukraine was planned for mid-June in Switzerland. “Without an Explanation” Without Russia’s participation.

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The Kremlin announced Tuesday morning that Russia has not ruled out French instructors striking in Ukraine, which is currently under discussion between Paris and Kyiv. “Whatever their position, soldiers or mercenaries of the French army, they represent a perfectly legitimate target for our armed forces”And supported Sergei Lavrov.

For years, Russia has waged a diplomatic offensive to replace traditional Western powers in Africa. Isolated on the international stage, it sought allies and increased its efforts tenfold after the attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

After Congo, Mr. Lavrov and his delegation landed in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on Tuesday evening, the Burkinabe Foreign Ministry announced in a press release. The military-led Sahelian country left French troops in early 2023 before moving closer to Russia. Mr. Lavrov was welcomed by his counterpart, Karamoko Jean-Marie Drare. “As part of a forty-eight-hour friendship and mission visit”, according to the same source. On Wednesday, he was received by the Head of State Captain Ibrahim Drare. According to his entourage, Sergey Lavrov should go to Chad.

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