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In France, 134 people have died in the last 24 hours and 72,399 new cases have been detected

In France, 134 people have died in the last 24 hours and 72,399 new cases have been detected

Update on status – New Activities, New Ratings and Highlights: Le Picaro Provides an update on the latest developments in Kovit-19 epidemic.

Oliver Warren warns of a “Will recover“In France, China is rebuilding a city of nine million people.”Crisis situation“In Germany … Le Picaro Provides an update on this Friday, March 11th for the latest information related to this Covit-19 International Distribution.

In France, 134 people have died in the last 24 hours and 21,023 patients have been hospitalized

France’s public health says 134 people have died in the past 24 hours. 21,023 patients are currently hospitalized (21,287 on Thursday), including 1,099 who arrived today. 1,875 patients are being treated in the intensive care unit. 119 of them are from Friday. 72,399 new cases were detected on Friday, up from 74,818 on Thursday.

Oliver Warren warns “Will recover

Health Minister Oliver Warren, Reported Friday A “Will recoverGovt-19 epidemic highlights need for vulnerable population “To protect constantly“.”In France, and in the countries around us, we are currently seeing a resurgence, which means that the Govt is no longer falling, it is still rising.“The minister said during a visit to Izar.”According to yesterday’s figures, this is an increase of 20%“, He noted.

The number of new positive cases rose to 74,818 on Thursday evening, from 60,225 a week earlier, according to France’s public health. “On the other hand, the hospital load continues to decrease, but the pace of this reduction has begun to slow, so we are very vigilant.“, Oliver Warren continued. The critical care services that treat the most severely affected people received 1,928 patients on Thursday (including 121 in the last 24 hours), 1,962 on Wednesday and 2,231 on the previous Thursday.

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The Asia-driven epidemic is accelerating again this week

The Govt-19 epidemic has stopped declining in the world this week, with pollutants starting to rise again due to a resurgence of cases in Asia. After a five-week slump, the indicator is rising again (+8% compared to the previous week), with 1.59 million pollutants reported daily worldwide, according to the AFP report. However, daily pollution was halved at the end of January (3.37 million daily cases) peak.

The situation is worsening this week in both parts of Asia and Oceania, with 27% and 20% more pollution, respectively, compared to the previous week. On the other hand, the situation is improving significantly in the US / Canada region (-30%), the Middle East (-27%) and Latin America / Caribbean region (-12%).

Worldwide, the number of daily deaths continues to decline (-12%, 6,700 deaths per day). The United States has the highest daily death toll this week at 1,165 a day, higher than Russia (700) and Brazil (501). In terms of population, the region recorded the highest number of deaths last week than Hong Kong (23.8 deaths per 100,000 civilians), Lithuania (6.0) and Denmark (5.5).

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China is restructuring

Faces the worst eruption in two years, China had to decide on Friday to close Changchun, the country’s largest city in the northeast. In this city of nine million people, only one person is now allowed to go out per house, once every two days, according to the town hall, which is preparing to screen the entire population to ensure the goods. It is the largest prison in China since the Xian (northern) metropolis and its 13 million citizens were announced late last year. China Announced Is going to introduce for the first time the application of rapid antigen tests for Govit-19.

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Crisis situation“In Germany

Germany is in good health “ImportantAs the number of Govt-19 cases continues to rise, the health minister warned on Friday that the bet was built on more compulsory vaccinations. Germany, which plans to ease many restrictions from March 20, registered more than 250,000 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, with a seven-day incidence rate of 1,400.The number and incidence of cases is increasing again (…). In many districts, the number is still over 2000 or 2500“, Said Lothar Wheeler, director of the Robert Koch Health Watch.

“Objectively the situation is worse than the general atmosphere (…) We can not be satisfied with the situation where 200 to 250 people die every day.”

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach this Friday.

Volneva vaccine: first distribution to Europeans in the spring of 2022

Franco-Austrian Laboratory Valneva plans to deliver The first doses of its Covit-19 vaccine in Europe in the second quarter of 2022, the company said. This vaccineHe is currently the only passive and adjunctive vaccine candidate against Covit-19 in medical development in EuropeSaid Valneva.

EU: Companies and airports need to put an end to health restrictions

Do I have to travel by air in Europe without vaccination certificates, tests and even a mask? Major Airport and Airlines Asked it In a joint statement on Friday, he believes the herd’s immunity is sufficient to return to pre – crisis rules.

Kenya eliminates the need to wear a mask in public

Government of Kenya The government announced on Friday that it was ending its obligation to wear a mask in public as part of a two-year crackdown on Govt-19 restrictions. Health Minister Mutahi Kokwe underscored that the announcement came as the corona virus infection in this East African country is less than 1% a month. “Wearing a mask is mandatory in public placesMutahi Kagwe said in a statement while promoting the continued use of masks at indoor events and social exclusion in public places.

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More than 6 million deaths worldwide …

Of the more than 451 million confirmed pollutants, the epidemic has officially killed at least 6,026,306 worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by AFP. The United States (965,464) has the highest number of deaths, compared to Brazil (654,086), India (515,714) and Russia (359,585). But compared to the population, the countries most affected by the epidemic were Peru, with 641 deaths per 100,000 population, Bulgaria (518) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (476).

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of deaths, directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19, may be two to three times higher than officially established.

“Look at that too -“There is reason to believe At the end of the epidemic, says Vincent Bordanev

But one study put the death toll at 18 million

The Govt-19 epidemic will cause more than 18 million deaths worldwide from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2021, more than three times the official figure, according to a study published in the journal. The Lancet. The official figure is 5.94 million deaths worldwide between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, and various works have attempted to better assess the overall outbreak of the epidemic, considering it to be highly underestimated.