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In India, landslides kill at least 36 people and dozens are missing


Monsoon landslides in western India have killed at least 36 people and left dozens missing, a local official said on Friday (July 23).

According to him, there were three landslides on Thursday in Raigad district of Maharashtra, its capital Bombay. “At least 35 to 40 people are trapped. We are trying to rescue them. ”, He said “36 killed in three landslides yesterday”.

The Navy and Air Force are working together to help thousands of people affected by the floods. But relief efforts are hampered by the extent of the damage, especially by these landslides, which cut off many roads, especially the highway between Bombay and Goa.

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The incessant heavy rain for more than twenty-four hours brought the Vashishti River out of its bed. Surrounding areas in the Siploon area, 250 kilometers from Bombay, were submerged by 3.5 meters of water.

In Bombay, the business capital of India, At least 34 people were killed last weekend A wall collapsed due to a landslide triggered by heavy monsoon.

Between the months of June and September, building collapses are common in India during the rainy season, with old and trembling structures leading after uninterrupted rain.

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