Thursday, July 25, 2024

In Mali, the military junta ordered the suspension of broadcasts by RFI and France 24.


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The Malian junta has ordered the suspension of RFI and France 24 broadcasts from Wednesday night, Thursday, March 16 until Thursday. Mali Due, according to her, do “False accusations” The abuses by the Malian military and the news were reported by two French media outlets, the government said in a statement.

Government of Mali “Flatly denies these false allegations against the heroic FAMA” And “RFI (…) and France 24 are carrying out a procedure (…) to suspend broadcasts until further notice”Specifies Was contacted Government spokesman Colonel Abdullah signed the mica and sent it to the AFP.

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The Malian government cited a report aired by the RFI on March 14 and 15 in which the Malian military provided radio presentations to victims of alleged abuses of the public and private security group Russian Wagner.

The two-media broadcast continued Thursday morning, AFP reported. France Medias is the parent company of Monte, RFI and France24. “Ignore and condemn this announcement”He responded on the antennas of his media, noting that the suspension of the two largest foreign news outlets, the most popular across the continent, had not been a prototype for many years in Mali.

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