April 22, 2024

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In Moscow’s recruitment offices, resignation, fear and anger

In Moscow’s recruitment offices, resignation, fear and anger

On a corner of a Moscow sidewalk, two men patted each other on the back and chatted merrily. A small and large, a leather jacket and a sports jacket. Ten minutes ago, they didn’t know each other; Soon they will go together to the Ukrainian front. “We are so, in our country, hotLaughs Andrey, the little one. Then as the proverb says well, suffering unites. »

In ten minutes, in front of the iron door of the recruitment office on Petchatnikov Street, the two had time to find common points: both are in their forties, have a large family, and are addicted to cigarettes. Both work in ventilation: Andrey runs a small business, fourteen employees; Tall Anatoly is a technician. After all, both are patriots, supporters of the “special operation” initiated by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. They go into battle with a completely light mind, if not with a full conscience.

“I’d rather it be me than my kids in a few yearsAnatoly, 47, explains that he received his summons the day before, Wednesday, September 21. I’m not jumping for joy, of course, but what can I do? In front, there are 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers, Arab and French mercenaries… In spite of fear, in spite of our women who want to hold us back, someone has to go there. You’ll be cold this winter because of that stupid Biden…to each their own. »

A close call for 41-year-old Andrey. War, because that’s what it’s really about “An occupation very beneficial to Nazism was imposed on Russia by the West”. “A lot of people are running away from their responsibilities, leaving the country, so someone has to go, including us. »

“If TV is a lie, we’ll soon find out…”

“Even the U.S.”, Because the other thing Andrei and Anatoly have in common is that they have little to no combat experience. Both men completed their military service in peacetime two decades ago and have not seen the barrel of a Kalashnikov since.

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Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin and his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, however, assured that the mobilization was involved. “in priority” Men with combat experience or active reserve members, but younger. “It’s not up to us to question their decisions.”, request Andre and Anatoly, they will be listed as individuals. At the very least, do they think the military will live up to their commitment? “The players we see on television are well-equipped, Andriy said. Then, if the TV is lying, we’ll find out soon enough.

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