June 13, 2024

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In Pennsylvania, the Treasury Department will conduct an online auction of unclaimed property this week.

In Pennsylvania, the Treasury Department will conduct an online auction of unclaimed property this week.

Treasurer Stacy Garrity announced Monday that the next online auction of the unclaimed property will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

It will include fine jewelry, coins, coins and many other items that have been protected in the treasury vault, a press release said. The majority of Treasury items will be shown on Wednesday.

The Department of the Treasury is partnering with Pook & Pook, Inc. , in Downingtown, Chester County, for appraisal and auction services. Items up for auction can be viewed at bookandbook.com. Interested bidders can also register on the Pook & Pook website.

The auction will feature 4,250 items from the Treasury, including:

  • two-tone 14k gold pin brooch set with a 2-carat diamond;
  • Multiple Engelhard 100 Troy Ounce 999+ Silver Bars;
  • $20 gold coins for the head of liberty;
  • 1 ounce Canadian $50 Fine Gold Maple Leaf Coin;
  • Morgan dollars
  • Georges Millais pocket watch in 18kt yellow gold with a silver-tone key attached; And
  • Various comic books and magazines.

All cabinet items listed in the auction are subject to change at any time prior to sale. In this case, the treasury is notified of changes that may be made due to new information regarding the authenticity of the item, change in value, quality, or any other determining factor.

“There are some amazing pieces available for bidding at this auction,” Garrity said. “Any returns will be carefully tracked – and will always be available for the rightful owner to claim at any time, even years or decades from now.”

Unclaimed property comes to the treasury in accordance with state law. Tangible property, such as items being auctioned, often come from abandoned safety deposit boxes, with other items coming from college dorms, nursing homes, or police evidence rooms. Unclaimed property also includes forgotten bank account balances, unpaid checks, stocks, insurance policies, and more.

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Online auctions will also include items from other consignors. Cabinet items can be combined into groups but will never mix with non-cabinet items.

Treasury employees and immediate family members are prohibited from bidding.

The property is protected in the vault for a minimum of three years before being put up for auction. The Treasury updates records of unclaimed property to reflect the proceeds from the sale of an item, so if the rightful owner comes forward, the proceeds are available to claim.

About one in 10 Pennsylvanians owe some of the more than $4 billion in unclaimed property. The average claim value is $1,600, according to the Treasury Department.

To search for unclaimed property, visit patreasury.gov/unclaimed-property.


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