May 25, 2024

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In Russia, the rescue of four Dagestani sisters alive was threatened with an “honor killing.”

In Russia, the rescue of four Dagestani sisters alive was threatened with an “honor killing.”

Letter from Moscow

“I am Aminat Kazimakomedova, born in 1998. I am at the border of Georgia and I am asking you not to hand me over to my relatives who are looking to kill me. » After 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 29, the faces of the four sisters will first appear to the Russian public – first on special Telegram channels, then on independent news sites, often working from abroad.

Aminath and others spoke In a short video, it was very simple, sent to human rights defenders. The phone is passed from hand to hand, and messages are repeated, except for a few words. “I am Patimat Kisreeva, born in 2004, I am asking you not to hand me over to my parents. They may kill me. » “I am Khaditjad Kisreeva, born in 2002…” “I am Patimat Magomedova…”

Overnight, hundreds of thousands of Russians who receive information on independent Telegram channels will forget the upheavals of the conflict in Ukraine and painfully follow the turmoil of the four Dagestan sisters. In fact, there are two sisters and their cousins, but the words “brothers” and “sisters” are often used in Russian to refer to relatives and relatives.

“Violence against loved ones” decriminalization law

All four live in a dramatic moment. Escaping systemic domestic violence, they seek to leave Russia and face the almost certain possibility of an “honor killing.” In the Muslim republics of the North Caucasus, the practice is widespread for those who have sinned or “dishonored” their families by fleeing.

Aminat, Khaditjad and the two Patimats are the elders. However, they were detained for five hours at the Verkni Lars border crossing between North Ossetia and Georgia. The customs officials first asked them, completely out of order, if their relatives were allowed to travel. Since then, they have multiplied excuses to sustain themselves. Young women receive unpaid credits – visionaries, they produce documents that destroy this promise. The following pretext: They will be wanted on charges of theft…

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In fact, the border guards await instructions from their hierarchy. After all, they alert their parents and wait for them. At 7:30 p.m., six hours after Verkny arrived in Lars, the four sisters were placed in a cell at the detention center.

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