May 25, 2024

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In Slovenia, a leader close to populist Victor Orban suffered an unprecedented defeat.

In Slovenia, a leader close to populist Victor Orban suffered an unprecedented defeat.

Victor Orban has lost a new ally in Central Europe. On Sunday, April 24, the radical Conservative Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa was defeated in a series of legislative elections in neighboring Hungary, a small Balkan country. According to the final results, the 63-year-old Mr. After two years as president of this country of 2 million people, Jhansi received only 23.6% of the vote, during which time he multiplied his attacks on the media and justice. Prime Minister of the Hungarian Nationalist. Mr. Orban also openly supported Mr. Janza in February.

His successor, Robert Colop, 57, has won 41 of the 90 seats in parliament since independence in 1991, an unprecedented victory. In the early 2000s the Secretary of State briefly returned to politics in January after being fired for political reasons, the CEO of a prosperous e-commerce company indirectly owned by the state. Mr. He co-founded several personalities targeted by Jhansi and founded his own party, Liberte. “Independent and Open Society” Based on the center-left and the ecological plan.

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After a hurricane campaign, the wealthy businessman with long hair broke all poll predictions and came out on top with almost 34.5% of the vote. Attendance (almost 70%) also reached record highs. “We have a clear mandate to restore freedom.” Golob thanked and thanked for the participation “Of civil society” In an intervention filmed from his home, he spent the last week of the campaign due to a Govt-19 infection.

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Liberal Liberation Movement leader Robert Colop responded to the parliamentary election results by video conference on April 24, 2022, due to a positive Govt test in Ljubljana.

Near Victor Orban

His party executives, who held an election evening at his place, said Mr. After Eurozeptic provocations on the part of Jansa, Slovenia promised that this victory would allow it to rejoin the European Union (EU). “You will never hear about liberal democracy again [le concept utilisé pour décrire le pouvoir autoritaire en Hongrie]. There is only one kind of democracy and we will restore it. Thus Diplomat Marta Goss approached to become Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For his part, Janice Jansa revealed the face of her worst days, half-heartedly admitting her defeat. “That’s what the results are”, He questioned again “Press”, WHO “We did not lovingly describe the results of our work.” A former communist who was a hero of the freedom struggle, he was in Slovenian political life for thirty years. He gradually switched to the far right, and ousted the prime minister in early 2020, thanks to divisions within the then ruling centralist coalition.

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