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In Tanzania, the attack on Dar es Salaam was carried out by an Islamic “terrorist”

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On August 25, 2021, Tanzanian security forces removed the body of a man shot dead by police outside the French embassy in Don S. Salam.

Who killed four people before being shot dead on August 25 in the embassy district of the economic capital Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, a “Terrorist” The Islamist, which has intensified on social networks, announced on Thursday, September 2, Tanzanian police.

The attacker, identified as Hamza Mohammed, was identified by police investigation “Terrorist”, “Someone who lived a secret life with all the indicators of terrorism”Director of Criminal Investigation Camillus Wambura told reporters.

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“He spent most of his time learning on the internet about different types of incidents like the terrorist incidents carried out by Sabab [nom de groupes djihadistes en Somalie et au Mozambique] And ISIS [groupe Etat islamique], Like many terrorists “, Comprehensive Mr. Wambura.

Three police officers and a private security agent were killed and six others were injured in the attack, which has not yet been reported. The attack took place on the afternoon of August 25 on Ali Hassan Emwini Road, the main thoroughfare in Dar es Salaam, where several embassies and foreign delegates are located.

Rare such attacks in Tanzania

The assailant was shot dead while standing in front of the entrance of the French embassy after a shootout with security forces. “He passed me without welcoming me. When I greeted him he did not answer. He was sweating. After a while, we heard gunshots.”, Told the AFP of a witness who passed by the man wearing a white skull.

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Videos aired by local media showed him walking down the sidewalk, armed with two automatic rifles, wearing a checkered shirt and a white kufi (Muslim prayer hat). After taking refuge for a while in a gatehouse located at the entrance to the French embassy, ​​he was shot in the middle of the street.

Hamza Mohammed lived with his mother in an apartment about two kilometers from the scene of the attack. I have known him since childhood. He was not seen until he returned recentlySaid a side taxi driver Omeri Isa. He was a normal person and we got used to him like any other neighbor. I was really shocked. “

Dozens of police, politicians and civilians gathered in Tanzania on Friday to pay their respects to slain police officers. This type of attack is relatively rare in Tanzania.

However, this East African country shares the scene of the jihadist insurgency since the end of 2017 with Mozambique, and especially with the province of Cabo Delgado. In October, a police station in the southern Mtwara area, about 35 kilometers from the Mozambican border, was targeted by 300 jihadists in an attack by the Islamic State (IS) group.

In Mozambique, groups known as the Shabab (Arabic for “youth”), who pledged allegiance to ISIS in 2019, rule terrorism by incredible violence in the poor and predominantly Muslim province of Kabo Delgado, setting villages on fire and beheading. On March 24, a large-scale surprise attack on the port city of Palma killed dozens and displaced tens of thousands of people.

Tanzania was hit by small-scale Islamic attacks in 2016 and 2017 that targeted police and administrative officers in the eastern Kibiti district of the country.

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