May 27, 2024

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In the shops there are posters saying that women should wear hijab

The Taliban pasted posters in Kabul shops claiming to be women.ToWear hijab with photo of burqa is another sign that the regime is being tightened despite initial promises. With posters “.According to Sharia principles, women must wear the hijab5, not to mention whether it is a simple scarf or a dress that covers the entire face.

They were widely feared during the first Taliban regime (1996-2001) and were released by the Ministry of Virtue Promotion and Suppression, which was restored by Islamists after seizing power in mid-August.

“These posters are an inspiration”

A ministry spokesman on Friday confirmed the motive behind the move, while downplaying its purpose. “These posters were released by the ministry, but just because a woman does not follow them does not mean she will be punished or beaten.“, He announced.”This is only an incentive for Muslim women to follow Sharia law. It’s okay for a woman to wear a simple veil. In general, these posters are an inspiration“Before the Islamists came back to power, all Afghan women wore at least one headscarf.

Since returning to power, the Taliban, who want to be recognized by the international community, claim to be more moderate than during their first regime, but these posters have been included in a series of measures aimed at imposing their harsh views on Islam. Women who wanted to travel long distances were told to come with someone from their immediate family, and added, “Motorists are urged to carry women only if they are wearing.Islamic veilThey also issued regional orders to cut off the heads of mannequins in shops in the Herat (West) area.

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That’s not good. It will create fearShahaka Noori, who runs the poster-pasted restaurant, told AFP. “They are trying to spread fear among the people“An anonymous student and human rights activist rated his role:”They call you a “prostitute” for no reason other than knowing your face or you are wearing pants..