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In the UK, the result of isolation for vaccinated contact cases


Released Monday, August 16, 2021 at 8:15 p.m.

This is a new step towards a return to normalcy in the United Kingdom: despite the wave of Covit-19 pollution caused by the delta variation, vaccinated contact cases no longer have to be isolated in the UK from Monday, a major obstacle to economic recovery.

Based on the success of the vaccination campaign (more than three-quarters of adults were fully vaccinated), Boris Johnson’s government removed almost all restrictions in effect in mid-July, such as wearing masks, body spacing or measurements in theaters.

If the health catastrophe announced by some does not happen, after the peak in early July for Euro football, which is said by many, the number of pollutants will be high, close to 30,000 a day.

This led to the isolation of millions of Britons in the summer as they suffered or were in contact, disrupting transportation, hotels and restaurants and supplies to supermarkets and gas stations. The media has dubbed the event “pingtemic” (“ping”, notice from the tracking application and “contagious”, contagious).

In the UK from Monday, fully vaccinated contact cases (and minors) will no longer have to be at home but will be recommended to wear a mask and undergo PCR testing. A similar measure applies in Northern Ireland, where isolation rules have already been relaxed recently in Scotland and Wales.

In a statement, Health Minister Sajid Javed called the development “another precautionary measure against the default” and called for vaccinating those who have not yet done so, thanks to the amazing success of our vaccination campaign.

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– Gifts with Vaccine –

The easing of isolation rules was eagerly anticipated by companies, but the cultural sector has also paid a high price for the epidemic.

Renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Weber, known for his cult music such as “Gates” and “The Phantom of the Opera”, hopes to hold the first screening of his new show “Cinderella” in July after it is canceled. Due to a positive case in the troop.

He did not plead guilty to one-and-a-half years of government-imposed restrictions and a lack of public assistance, as he told the Sunday Times he would sell his show to US investors.

The United Kingdom is one of the most infected countries in Europe, with more than 130,000 deaths after a positive test (more than 150,000 of all deaths caused by Covit-19 on a death certificate).

It is currently subject to a major wave of pollution, but the condition of hospitals (less than 6,000 patients) and the number of deaths (less than 100 on average per day) were much lower than previous waves when the ambulance went out. Queues up in front of emergency services and more than 1,000 deaths are recorded each day.

The government attributes the progress of the vaccination campaign to the fact that almost 90% of adults have now received the first dose, but the movement is stumbling and officials are trying to pacify the last pockets of resistance, especially among the younger generation.

From Monday, a series of companies will offer vouchers for clothing, holidays or gym members who come to get vaccinated.

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As the start of the school and university year approaches, this week the government will call for 16- and 17-year-olds to be vaccinated, and health officials have decided to wait until the campaign expands to younger ones.