June 19, 2024

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In Tunisia, the president suspends parliament and removes the prime minister

On Sunday, July 25, Tunisian President Gossett announced the suspension of parliament and the removal of head of government Hichem Mecci after a day of protests against Tunisian leaders. Horns sounded in the streets of Tunis after this announcement.

This dramatic turnaround has shaken young Tunisian democracy, which has been operating since the adoption of a compromise constitution in 2014 under a mixed parliamentary system, in which diplomacy and security are individual to the president.

The announcement follows protests in several cities across the country on Sunday, despite the deployment of a large police force to control the movement. Protesters were particularly demanding “Dissolution of Parliament”. After an emergency meeting at Carthage Palace, Mr. Saeed announced the results, and Mr.

The Islamic creation was condemned on Sunday evening a “Rebellion”. “Qasr Saeed’s a conspiracy against the revolution and the constitution, and my supporters and the Tunisian people will defend the revolution.”Ennatha said in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

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Thousands of protesters in Tunis

Anti-government protesters gathered in front of the Tunisian parliament on July 25, 2021.

“The Constitution does not allow the dissolution of Parliament, but allows it to suspend its proceedings.”, He said, if Rule 80 is relied upon, this type of action is permissible “Immediate danger”. Mr. Sachith declared himself in charge of the executive branch “Government Assistance” He will be presided over by a new president appointed by the president. He also announced that the parliamentary immunity of the delegates had been removed.

Several thousand Tunisians protested against their leaders on Sunday, especially against the Islamic creation Ennota. They raised slogans for this creation and the Prime Minister Hichem Meccici who supports it “People want to dissolve parliament”. “Dietary Change”, Whether it is written in the signs.

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Ennada’s campus and symbols were targeted. Calls for a demonstration on the Republic Day, July 25, have been circulating on Facebook for days, from unidentified groups. Among other things, they demanded a change in the constitution and an interim period that would leave a large space for the military, while retaining President Saeed as head of state.

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