Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Instagram down updates Thousands of users reported issues with the app, website, and login today


Users were quick to point fingers

Instagram users have taken to Twitter to report that when the outage first started, they either thought their wifi was having a problem, or their account was hacked or reported it.

“I’m trying to find out if my Instagram page got deleted or instagram not working,” one user shared.

Another wrote: “I think my instagram account was hacked, but Instagram is down.”

“Coming to Twitter to see if Instagram is down or is it my wifi,” another joked.

Hundreds of thousands of reports

At 6.25pm, more than 176,000 users reported that Instagram was not working.

At 6.40pm, around 117,000 users were still reporting issues.

Failed downloads

Attempts to upload network posts or stories to Instagram on the app failed immediately.

The error message reads: “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

“My Instagram” is trending on Twitter

“My Instagram” trended on Twitter with over 67,300 tweets.

The posts mostly consist of jokes as Instagram users troll other apps to complain about technical issues.

‘unexpected error’

When users try to swipe right on stories, Instagram sends a message saying, “An unexpected error has occurred.”

The message says “You are getting this error because something went wrong while loading this screen”.

Click the refresh icon below to try again.

Instagram stories are not loadingCredit: Instagram

Stories and summaries are not refreshing

Instagram feeds and stories aren’t refreshing.

Application users receive an error notification.

Instagram feeds are not updatingCredit: Instagram