June 13, 2024

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Intensive searches to find President Raisi after helicopter crash

Intensive searches to find President Raisi after helicopter crash

China says it is very concerned.

China says it is “deeply concerned” that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has not yet been located, the Foreign Ministry points out.

There was no sign of the Iranian president’s helicopter

Rescuers arrived at an area identified by a Turkish drone as the likely crash site of the Iranian president’s helicopter. But at this point, state television points out that the plane and its occupants have yet to be found.

Iranian officials are monitoring events in real time

Iranian officials are monitoring developments in real-time in a situation room, according to private Iranian news agency Tasnim News.

Turkey has identified the helicopter’s heat source

Turkish state news agency Anadolu reported that a Turkish drone detected a heat source on President Ibrahim Raisi’s helicopter.

It’s 3 o’clock in Tehran, update the situation

For more than twelve hours now, Iran has had no news from its president: Ibrahim Raisi.

Desperate searches continue in northwest Iran to find the helicopter that carried him.

The crash site “has not yet been found,” explained Crescent Red chief Birhossein Coulivant, as rescue workers searched for it in “difficult conditions” in a mountain area shrouded in rain and thick fog. .

Chances of finding the other passengers alive, including the 63-year-old president-elect in 2021 and the foreign minister, dwindled in the hours after the helicopter disappeared in the early afternoon.

Almost 50 Russian experts “go to Tabriz”

“At the request of the Iranian side, rescuers from the Russian Emergencies Ministry will assist in the search and rescue operations for the helicopter carrying the Iranian president,” Moscow announced.

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Russia explains that the team is heading “towards Tabriz”, a large city in northwestern Iran, and “bringing together 47 specialists with the necessary equipment, all-terrain vehicles and a BO-105 helicopter”.

Russia sent a rescue team to Iran

Twelve hours after the Iranian president’s helicopter crashed, we learned from Moscow, Russia is sending a rescue team to Iran.

Twelve hours later, there was no word from the Iranian president

Twelve hours have passed since the Iranian president’s helicopter crashed. Despite being in Tehran for almost 2 hours, President Raisi’s condition is unknown at this stage.

Red Cross chief Birhossein Koulivant explained that the crash site “has not yet been found” as rescue workers searched for it in “difficult conditions” on a mountainside shrouded in rain and thick fog.

Russia ready to help search for Ibrahim Raisi’s helicopter

Russia is ready to help Iran in connection with the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told RIA news agency, as quoted by our colleagues at France 24.

Iranians pray for missing president

Iranians gather in Tehran to pray for the dead president.

The Islamic Republic’s top official, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on Iranians to “pray” and “hope that God will bring the president and his companions back into the arms of the nation.”

Iranians pray for President Ibrahim Raisi, who went missing in a plane crash in Tehran on May 19, 2024 © ATTA KENARE / AFP

Who is President Ibrahim Raisi?

Who is President Ibrahim Raisi who disappeared in a helicopter “crash”? Find explanations from our journalist Ulysse Gosset.

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Searches were hampered by dense fog

The search for the Iranian president’s device was complicated by thick fog, as seen in images from Iranian state television.

On May 19, 2024, help was gathered to locate the Iranian president's device in the Jolfa area
Help gathers to find Iranian president’s device in Jolfa region, May 19, 2024 © IRINN / AFP

Turkey has deployed 32 mountain rescuers

The government’s Emergency Relief Agency (Afad) announced on Sunday that it has sent 32 rescue personnel and six vehicles to Iran to search for the damaged helicopter of Turkish President Ibrahim Raisi.

“Thirty-two specialized mountain search and rescue personnel and six vehicles were dispatched” from the Van and Erzurum centers in eastern Turkey, Afad said at X, noting that Tehran had also requested helicopter support equipped for night searches.

The European Union is activating its mapping service to help Iran locate Raisi’s helicopter

The European Union has announced that it has activated its mapping system to help Iran locate the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

“At Iran’s request for assistance, we are activating the EU’s CopernicusEMS rapid response mapping service in response to the helicopter crash believed to be carrying the Iranian president and his foreign minister,” the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid announced on Tuesday in X. Janes Lenarczyk.

Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Turkey provide aid

Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Turkey have offered to help locate the Iranian president’s device.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was deeply saddened by the accident and was providing all necessary support to the search.

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The passengers on board, the search operations… what we know after the crash

A helicopter carrying Iran’s president and other regime officials “crashed” this Sunday. The device has not been found and the leader’s condition remains a mystery.

Here’s what we know at this point.

Uncertainty surrounds the fate of Iran’s president

Hello everyone, welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the aftermath of the helicopter “accident” involving Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. The device has not been found and the leader’s condition is currently a mystery.