May 30, 2024

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Israel ultimatum to Hamas: deal next week or action in Rafah (WSJ) |  Live

Israel ultimatum to Hamas: deal next week or action in Rafah (WSJ) | Live

PM’s office reportedly considering plan for post-war Arab-Israeli coalition to administer Gaza: media

According to The New York Times, officials in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office are said to be discussing a post-war plan for Gaza that would see Israel oversee the Gaza Strip alongside a coalition of Arab states including Egypt, El Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This vague plan is likely to be rejected by Israel’s intended Arab partners because it does not provide a clear path to a Palestinian state. This is Mr. It is likely to be rejected by Netanyahu’s allies because it does not explicitly rule out the return of Palestinian Authority to Gaza or the creation of a Palestinian state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, second from right, chairs the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on April 17, 2024.Mayan Tof/GPO

“Under this proposal, the Arab-Israeli coalition, along with the United States, would appoint Gazan leaders responsible for redeveloping the devastated territory, reforming its education system, and maintaining order. After seven to ten years, the coalition would allow Gaza residents in. Meanwhile, a government would govern Gaza and the West Bank. The proposal states that a vote on a unified Palestinian administration, meanwhile, would allow the Israeli military to continue operating inside Gaza.

Mr. The plan was hatched in November by an unnamed group of businessmen close to Netanyahu. It was shown to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is in touch with senior Saudi officials. A Palestinian businessman also helped promote the idea to US officials.