May 23, 2024

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Israel’s military says it has launched a new ground incursion into the Gaza Strip

Israel’s military says it has launched a new ground incursion into the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army entered the Gaza Strip

On Friday morning the Israeli army announced that its infantry had again targeted Hamas targets and carried out “targeted raids in the central Gaza Strip” with the support of “hunters and drones”.

According to a statement issued by the army, the soldiers left the Palestinian territory without sustaining any injuries. In addition to the incursion, the military said it had bombed Hamas bases “across the Gaza Strip.” It mentions rocket launchers, Hamas command centers and neutralized men from the Palestinian Islamist movement.

Europeans seek to unite in the Middle East

In Brussels, the question of conditions for the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip was at the center of EU leaders’ discussions on Thursday. “Humanitarian ceasefire”? “Breaks”? “Windows”? EU leaders and heads of government, who strongly condemned the October 7 Hamas attack, had to debate for hours before reaching a consensus. “Pauses” ended in success. A less restrictive plural because it is more ambiguous.

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The US military has struck two centers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the US had carried out strikes against two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and “affiliated groups”. “These defensive and precision strikes are in response to ongoing and largely unsuccessful attacks by Iranian-backed militias on U.S. personnel in Iraq and Syria since October 17,” Lloyd Austin noted in a press release.

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6 people injured in rocket attack on Egypt border

The media and witnesses reported that a rocket attack on the Egyptian city of Taba, which borders Israel, injured six people overnight. “As part of the current escalation in Gaza, a rocket crashed in Taba, causing six minor injuries and damaging a residential building,” reports AlQahera News television, close to Egyptian intelligence. Witnesses confirmed to AFP that the blast took place at a hospital complex in the Red Sea city on the northeastern tip of Sinai.

Images broadcast on local media or social networks show the damaged building and several vehicles destroyed in the surrounding area.

Thursday is the day

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