February 23, 2024

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Israel's Supreme Court slams Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's Supreme Court slams Benjamin Netanyahu

The war did not affect his decision. The Israeli Supreme Court will be closed on Monday 1There is January was a key provision of a highly controversial judicial reform promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu's government, which planned to remove the right to rule from the judiciary. “fairness” Decisions of the Israeli Executive or Parliament. The architect of this reform and number two in the government, Justice Minister Yariv Levin, accused the court. “Take All Powers”. “In fact, the judges hold in their hands, by this decision, all the powers which, in a democratic government, are distributed in a balanced manner among the three powers. [exécutif, législatif et judiciaire] »He was not without criticism of the publication of this judgment “In the midst of war, this is the opposite of the unity that our fighters on the frontline need for success.”.

Rejected by eight of the fifteen judges, the invalidity measure sparked one of the largest protest movements in Israel's history, eclipsed by the Israeli army's war in the Gaza Strip in response to a bloody October attack. 7 Hamas in Hebrew territory. The Supreme Court ruling brings to the fore an issue that has led to the largest protest in the history of the country of 9 million people and deeply divided society.

Every week, from January to summer, for seven months, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity, according to opinion polls, with a majority of public opinion. However, the power of the movement did not make Benjamin Netanyahu back down. Pretending to negotiate, the Prime Minister backed the reform which was finally passed in the first phase in July 2023.

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An organizational vacuum was filled

It essentially amended a Basic Law by simple majority – a body of rules that serves as the constitution in Israel – removing from the High Court the power to overturn a government decision for justified reasons. “unfair”. This power was used to block appointments In administration or against invalidating administrative decisions, ethical issues or corruption risks or conflicts of interest. In February 2023, it was specifically used to oust Ary Deri, head of the Shas party, a powerful ally in Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition, from a ministerial position, despite his pledge not to seek a portfolio.

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