June 26, 2024

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It's easy to solve Overwatch 2's 'different version' error

It’s easy to solve Overwatch 2’s ‘different version’ error

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screenshot: Blizzard Entertainment

Here’s some good news for those who got the “Player in a different version of Note and watchError. You can still play with your friends now. It requires a very simple solution.

Monitor 2 Players are really going through a pretty rough shoot. On launch day, the game suffered Two full DDoS attacksAnd the The resulting huge queues Players were struggling to get into the game. Before the last patch, many too Can’t login to their account with their phones. This does not count A series of mistakes and errors which infected players after they were finally able to log into the game. Players even received a message that they could not invite their friends to play because they are in a “different version” of Observation 2.

Thank God, players Discover This isn’t actually true: the UI message was lying to you. Deep in the “known issues” forum, Blizzard I posted an official solution This should allow you to play with your friends as you would expect. You just have to type/invite the chat, followed by your friend’s fight tag (their unique identifier).

Blizzard has been chasing several major bugs since then Monitor 2 The live broadcast began on October 4th. “While millions of people were enjoying the game, the launch did not meet your expectations or ours,” Wrote Note and watch community manager. “We are sticking to a higher standard and working hard to solve the problems you face.”

There are a lot of notable errors in Monitor 2. The camera can be positioned at the wrong level on the Highlights screen, some maps are disabled, and many challenges don’t grant tokens. Some players have reported falling across the map while spawning in Bounty Hunter Arcade, which is my favorite. Blizzard has had to issue refunds for incorrectly priced phenomena and skins.

You can keep up with the status of launch errors in strong snow storm Monitor 2 Known Issues Themewhich just passed 4,300 responses.

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