May 27, 2024

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"I've never seen a moment like this"

“I’ve never seen a moment like this”

It’s been 42 seasons and survivor It continues to amaze viewers with its clever and backstabbing gameplay. Wednesday night’s episode was no exception, as Drea learned the hard way.

It looked as though Lindsay was headed to the chopping block earlier in the show. She competed against Jonathon in the Do or Die Challenge and lost. As a result, she had to play a game of chance to avoid elimination. Surprisingly, she won the match which means that a vote must be taken.

“I’m speechless at the moment,” Lindsay said. “I can’t even….God love survivor! that’s cool!”

While Drea thought she would be voted on, should Lindsay survive, she wasn’t too concerned because she had the advantage of knowing is strength. The feature allowed it to ask one player if they had an idol or feature and seize it. Since I found out that Mike has an idol, I assumed she’d be safe. However, she was wrong.

Before the tribal council meeting, Omar tells Mike that Derya will steal the immunity of her idol to her advantage. Omar persuaded Mike to let him carry the idol during the tribal council. So when Derya tried to take it from him, there was nothing to take away.

In the end, the votes were cast and Drea was disqualified, though the extra voting feature was used in a last-ditch effort to get Mike out. While all the twists and turns were sudden, it wasn’t quite as shocking as Daria and everyone else’s reaction when Jeff Probst announced she was leaving.

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The moment was filled with laughter and hugs, especially when Mike asked Drea if she had voted for him twice. “You threw two at me?” Mike asked. “I threw two at you,” replied Derya, before the two burst out laughing. Mike said to her as they hugged her and bore, “I’m still coming to see you in Canada!”

Viewers loved all the plot, the backstabbing and the friendship as much as I loved Jeff Probst.

“I’ve never seen a moment like this,” Jeff said. “I must say, as a viewer only, I cannot think of a season in which I have seen such fierce game and camaraderie. This is the perfect way, in my opinion, for survivor to be played.”

survivor It airs Wednesday at 8 pm CBS.

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