June 25, 2024

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James Webb's new image shows the constellation Fornax as we've never seen it before

James Webb’s new image shows the constellation Fornax as we’ve never seen it before

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope captured a new image of The Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), a region of space found within the Fornax constellation. This constellation is located in the southern sky and for the longest time it has been considered one of (if not the) deepest look at our universe ever.

Webb’s view of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field didn’t necessarily lead to the massive discovery of new galaxies, as the new telescope viewed the region at a depth similar to that of Hubble. However, it was able to capture the HUDF image in a tenth of the observational time that Hubble took.

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This is a huge feat, as it originally took Hubble 11.3 days to take the HUDF image. Webb captured his image of HUDF in just over 20 hours. And because Webb is so much more powerful than Hubble, it’s also revealing new, young galaxies that Hubble couldn’t detect, though not at extreme levels as you might expect.

HUDF web image

HUDF web image

astronomers say HUDF’s Webb image allows us to view hot ionized gas, allowing us to determine exactly where new star formation is occurring. With this updated image of HUDF, we can take a look at stars we know already exist to help determine what’s new and what we already know.

HUDF originally received high praise for how deep it can go into space. When the image was originally taken in 2003, it gave us our first glimpse of galaxies dating back 800 million years after the Big Bang, effectively making us a gateway into the early universe.

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Now that Webb has taken the HUDF image, we’ll be able to piece together more about our early universe, and perhaps unveil more mysteries of the early universe. Mysteries continue to challenge everything we know about the universe and how it has evolved over the past several billion years.

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