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Javier will not apologize to Mili Lula and will do it again


Argentina’s president described his Brazilian counterpart on television this Friday as a “little leftist” with a “swollen ego”.

Argentina’s ultra-liberal President Javier Mille on Friday refused to apologize to his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. “Little Leftist” at“Swollen Ego”. “We must rise above these trivialities, because the interests of Argentines and Brazilians are more important than the inflated ego of a small leftist”Javier Mille announced that the LN+ TV channel was called to respond to Wednesday’s apology by Lula.

The Brazilian president confirmed that he had refused to speak with his Argentine counterpart. “Excuses” for that “Too Much Folly” He did not specify which ideas he was referring to. “The problem is, I called him corrupt. Wasn’t he jailed for corruption? I called him a communist. Wasn’t he a communist? Since when do we have to apologize for telling the truth? Or are we too politically corrupt to say anything about the left even if it’s true?Javier Mili said on Friday.

“make a mistake”

Lula, who did not attend Miley’s inauguration last December, was invited by former far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), whom the Argentine president is estimated to be close to on Wednesday. “Argentina is a very important country for Brazil, and Brazil is very important for Argentina. It is not the President who is going to sow discord,” he said.. The two greeted each other warmly at the recent G7 summit in Italy, but did not engage in personal exchanges. They will meet in Asuncion in early July during the Mercosur summit, where they are key partners with Paraguay and Uruguay and Bolivia.

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