April 19, 2024

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Jeff Bezos' son warned him not to 'disclose' the new Lord of the Rings

Jeff Bezos’ son warned him not to ‘disclose’ the new Lord of the Rings

Jeff Bezos’ son had a simple tip for his dad when he found out that Amazon was making their own “Lord of the Rings” show: “Don’t do that.”

The founder of the e-commerce giant and the second richest man on earth shared his son’s warning at the UK premiere of the new Amazon Prime video series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”.

The 58-year-old billionaire reflected on his persistent fan base with author J.R.R. Tolkien’s work to an A-list audience, Various reportssaying he passed on his love of Middle-earth to his children.

After I got involved with Amazon in this project, my son came up to me one day, looked me in the eye very sincerely, and said, “Dad, please don’t do this.”

When one of his sons learned that Amazon had plans to create the “Lord of the Rings” series – it was said to be paying $250 million for rights alone – He asked Bezos to make sure it was good.

“After I got Amazon involved in this project, my son came to me one day, and he looked me in the eye very sincerely, and said, ‘Dad, please don’t do this,'” Bezos said. “And he was right. We know this world is important to many people, we know it’s an honor to work within this world and we know it’s a huge responsibility.”

Bezos joked that models Patrick McKay and John DePaine lived up to the task in part by ignoring the notes and comments he made during the production of the show’s first season.

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“Every show maker’s dream — and I mean every show designer — their dream is to get feedback on scenarios and early cuts from the founder and CEO,” Bezos said. “They loved it. I want to thank you both for listening whenever it helps but mostly I need to thank you for ignoring me at just the right times.”

Bezos is best known for putting together the ingredients for a “great show” in an interview that author Brad Stone wrote about in his book “Amazon Unbound.”

Among the 12 key elements identified by the then CEO were “a heroic protagonist who experiences growth and change,” “desire fulfillment,” “high stakes” and “high civilizational stakes.”

The “Rings of Power” takes place thousands of years before the events of the “Lord of the Rings” books and films.The re-emergence of evil in Middle-earth. ”

Repo season 1rtedly cost $715 million to produce.

The series will premiere its first two episodes on Prime Video on September 2, with the next six episodes airing weekly. Exhibitors He said in June The story will take place over five seasons.

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