June 13, 2024

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Jerome Solomon is pleased that vaccinated people are “eleven times less likely to be admitted for intensive care”

The vaccine against Govit-19 works. “We have eight times less pollution when vaccinated and eleven times less risk of being admitted for intensive care.”On Friday, August 20, Jerome Solomon, Director General of Health at Orly Airport, was delighted to welcome the caretakers who had flown to the West Indies.

Where do these figures come from? Of Last review The Directorate of Research, Research and Statistical Assessment (DREES) released the same day, passing statistics on vaccination, hospitalization and screening for Govt-19 between August 2 and 8.

First point: pollution. Between August 2 and 8, the number of positive RT-PCRs per 100,000 unvaccinated people rose to nearly 400, compared to almost eight per 100,000 fully vaccinated., Underlining the text. “By restricting itself to symptom positives alone, there are significantly fewer positive tests per 100,000 people, almost 180 unvaccinated and approximately 20 per cent. Vaccinated “, Again for a ratio of one to eight. However, with one downside: fully vaccinated people are less likely to be tested than non-vaccinated individuals, and vaccination certification is a health pass or condition sufficient to travel to most countries.

Regarding hospitalization, “Of those admitted to the hospital during this period, 84% were admitted for intensive care and 76% were routinely hospitalized for non-vaccinated people, while fully vaccinated patients accounted for 9% and 17%, respectively.”, Study details. “By comparing the numbers with the population of each vaccinated condition (…), there are 11 times more important safety inputs among those who have not been vaccinated than when they have been fully vaccinated.”

Regarding deaths, These rates are 7 to 75% for those who have not been vaccinated and absolutely 20% for people Vaccinated “, The study adds. Or, for a comparable population, “4.7 times more deaths in those who were not vaccinated that week than were completely vaccinated.”