May 23, 2024

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Joe Biden announced the strengthening of the US military presence across Europe.

Joe Biden announced the strengthening of the US military presence across Europe.

10:06 am: Puzzle for the Trans people and the Ukrainian army

Oleksandra wants to leave Ukraine because his building was bombed, but this translator has no right to leave the territory because, according to his civil status, he is a man who can mobilize to join the army. The 39-year-old explains, “I am afraid they will be discriminated against if they call me in front. The solution would be to conceal his true identity or to leave Ukraine illegally.

In order to be authorized to be discharged or to leave the country legally, she must muster the courage in both hands and play fairly before the authority of the Office of Military Registration. However, in some similar cases, the latter “already ruled negatively in an arbitrary way”, condemned Inna Iriskina, 44, a coordinator for transgender issues at the self-help group LGBT Insight. Those who have changed their marital status can escape from these difficulties. “For example, a volunteer works as a nurse, but the military does not know he is a substitute,” the manager says.

John, 20, a student with colorful treadlocks, wants to join regional security as a volunteer, but he can not. “In my birth certificate, it is written that I am a woman, and women are accepted only with military experience,” he explains, shrugging his shoulders. And her profile is not unusual: Inna Iriskina is adamant that most transgender people would like to express their patriotism without prejudice if allowed to do so.