May 23, 2024

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Joe Biden says he “does not regret” his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden “Don’t be sad” His decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan at the end of the month, he said on Tuesday (August 10). The last American soldiers had to leave the country by August 31, thus ending the Twenty Years War for the United States.

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The Taliban have been advancing since the Democratic president announced the deadline a month ago. On Tuesday, they captured two new provincial capitals in Afghanistan, Farah in the west and Pul-e Kumri in the north, from which a large number of civilians fled.

Afghans “Willingness to Fight” And “Fight for themselves, for their nation”, The US President added. “We have spent over $ 1,000 billion over twenty years, training and …, He pleaded.

Joe Biden promised that the Americans would do “Keep their Promise” Afghanistan must continue to support the military, both logically and financially.

Eight provincial capitals controlled by the Taliban

Similarly, State Department spokesman Netflix told him Tuesday that the Afghan Armed Forces “Very high in number” For the Taliban, they had “Potential for greater loss.”

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“This idea that the Taliban’s progress cannot be stopped (…), this is not true on land”, He estimated.

The Taliban control eight of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals, including six in nine in the north of the country, and fighting in the other three.

They tightened their grip around Masar-i-Sharif, the largest city in the north. If this in turn falls, the government will no longer have any control over this area, which has traditionally been fiercely opposed to the Taliban.

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