May 25, 2024

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Joe Biden urges ‘deterrence and diplomacy’ in Ukraine crisis – Mubasher | US news

Twitter, well, on Twitter because of a report in Axios Blame the band’s progressive policies for the Democrats’ electoral problems.

The piece, rendered in a distinct bulleted form, credits the accusation to the “Senior Democrats” even though it quotes one of the founders of the centrist think tank, a former senator and influential but not a senior member of Congress.

The pressure to disband the police, rename schools and demolish statues has created a major obstacle to Democrats control of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and the public image of the party,Books by Mike Allen, co-founder of Axios.

The recall this week of three San Francisco board members, who have been accused of prioritizing renaming schools over getting kids back into classrooms, is Part of a barrage of evidence that the progressive activity of a team It pushed the party’s image to the left where most voters are – even most Democratic voters.”

“This is what we’ve been screaming about for a year,” He said Matt BennettOne of the founders of the center-left movement The third waythat launched buck shield To defend moderate Democrats, Allen said.

The reaction was quick.

Many were quick to note that it was the moderates, not the progressives, who prevented the passage of Biden’s rebuilding agenda better, denying the party a major legislative victory to continue its campaign. But the senator Joe Mansion or Senator Kirsten Cinema Not remember.

It wasn’t Covid-19 or inflation, which are voters’ top priorities in poll after poll. Economic discontent and frustration with the pandemic dragged Biden on, and with it he brought support for his party.

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He also appears to blame Squad for championing causes most Democrats support, such as transgender rights. On the other hand, the report notes, Democrats are suddenly backing away from ideas such as “police defunding” and “defunding ICE” that most elected officials have denounced from the start.

Democrats certainly face a host of challenges en route to the midterm elections, not least because the president’s party is losing seats in the midterm elections. But blaming the team for all of their problems, even most of their problems, is probably too simplistic.