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The #MeToo movement will never be derailed by Depp v Heard – Emma Thompson

Mrs. Emma Thompson says she believes it The #MeToo movement ‘won’t go off track’ Through the Depp v Heard trial.

Talk to BBC Radio 4 women’s watch On Thursday, the actor said, “One of the things that’s hard to do is judge an issue like the ones that the #MeToo movement brings up when you’re dealing with very, very famous people. It’s something else entirely. So, actually, one of the most important issues in this case is fame. And how famous people are treated differently and viewed differently.

I would say the #MeToo movement won’t be deviated from its course because of this, but in order for it not to be deviated from its course, we just have to keep talking.. We have to keep talking and refuse to allow the case to be derailed [involving] Two very, very, very famous people have been blown out of every distant human lineage.”

And she added, “The situation where the two protagonists are so famous isn’t an actress. And it’s very important to remember that. That movement, which is about human kindness and it’s so simple, really, and it’s been made so complicated, it can’t and You won’t get derailed by one case.

“It just won’t happen, actually. It simply won’t happen.”

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