April 17, 2024

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Johnson and Trudeau G7 joke about wearing shirtless and showing Putin our 'muscles'

Johnson and Trudeau G7 joke about wearing shirtless and showing Putin our ‘muscles’

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TELFS, Austria – Vladimir Putin was not in the room where the G7 leaders met in the Bavarian Alps. But the Russian president has been on the leaders’ minds a lot – even while discussing the right clothes for a group photo.

Hours after President Biden announced that the G7 countries would announce a ban on new imports of Russian gold in an attempt to To further punish Putin for invading UkraineWestern leaders made jokes on the opening day of the G7 summit about how they frightened Putin in an unorthodox way.

“jackets? bulletproof vests? Shall we take off our clothes? asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ostensibly asking how leaders should wear a casual photo before the start of a lunch meeting.

“We all have to show that we are stronger than Putin,” the British leader joked at the summit site in Schloss Elmau, Germany.

Putin was expelled from the group in 2014 after Russia invaded and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region.

“We’re going to get a show of riding topless,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quipped, referring to the Russian leader’s penchant for posting pictures of himself outdoors — sometimes shirtless, including on horseback.

“Here you are! There you are! We have to show them our muscles!” Johnson added.

Biden: G7 will ban Russian gold imports to deprive Putin of war revenue in Ukraine

From arm wrestling to martial arts, Putin’s hobbies have sought to display physical strength and power Central to his personal brand.

Over the years, the Russian leader has often been photographed standing with his torso fully displayed, as fodder for a host of online memes.

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How the Kremlin turned the Russian president into a global icon

In one photo taken in 2009, Putin appeared shirtless riding a plane horse in the mountains. In 2018, more outdoor-themed footage emerged, which showed Putin, stripped from his waist Fishing in Siberian Lake. There were pictures Putin the swimmer And Putin’s basking.

When asked by a reporter in 2018 about his fondness for “half-naked” photos, Putin defended the photo collection.

“When I’m on vacation, I see no need to hide behind the bush, and there is nothing wrong with that,” Putin told an Australian journalist.

New photos of Putin topless – 2017 version, watery theme have been released

As Putin’s comment continued, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered a stab at diplomacy on Sunday, turning the conversation from provoking the Russian leader to an enthusiastic endorsement of chivalry.

She said, “Ah, yes.” “Riding is the best, though!”

President Biden—who remained silent during the meeting—finally, at the behest of his fellow leaders, turned his chair and smiled for the photo.

Biden chose to wear bulletproof vests.