June 23, 2024

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Kanye West spotted with a mysterious woman amid a supposed mental break

Kanye West spotted with a mysterious woman amid a supposed mental break

Kanye West may have found his latest muse despite the ongoing swirl of controversy he’s been in recently.

Images obtained by Page Six show fashion designer Yeezy getting out of a luxury vehicle with a mysterious woman before making his way to the warehouse.

Dressed in a short gray dress and combat boot-style boots, West’s companion wore the set of rapper Jesus Wox. Surprisingly, he chose the Adidas jacket despite the company recently Put their partnership “under review”.

The pair also wore matching black baseball-style hats that had “2024” emblazoned on the brim, suggesting West’s plans running for president repeatedly. (He wore a “2023” hat during Interview with Tucker Carlson last week.)

We’re told that before visiting the warehouse, West and his potential new muse had dinner at celebrity hotspot Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California.

A West representative did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

West’s outing comes when friends of his tell us they’re convinced the Grammy winner, 45, is Another mental fit. The sources said that the West hardly sleeps, an issue that was said to have contributed to his work Hospitalization in 2016.

Sources said Yi’s strange behavior began when a publicist was fired for his show at Paris Fashion Week, prompting him to completely recast it and hastily put together a new show featuring the now infamous actor. Theme “Egg lives matter”.

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He also appeared on the Fox News host show against his team’s advice, according to the insider.

Our sources added that the West is alienating those close to it by using the same private rhetoric that prompted it to publicly endorse the “White Lives Matter” slogan She tweets anti-Semitic comments that she signed Started from social media.

West was hospitalized with mental health issues in 2016 and in 2019. He previously revealed it He suffers from bipolar disorder.