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Keanu Reeves celebrates the death numbers of actor John Wick Stunt


John Wick Superstar Keanu Reeves is universally seen as a pretty cool guy. It might be him Infectious gigglefor him lock flowor the manner in which it is dealt with A litter of golden retriever puppies. His roles as a stoic killer in John WickSupernatural Detective Constantineor the beloved fool in Cyberpunk 2077 movie Don’t do a man justice in the real world. And we’re still getting more evidence that Reeves is just as joyful behind the scenes as he is on screen because the Canadian-born actor seems to have gifted John Wick: Chapter 4 Stunt team collection of cool memorabilia.

Spoiler warning for John Wick: Chapter 4.

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She was killed by John Wick and all she got was a lot of cool/expensive stuff, actually

According to the The New York TimesAnd Reeves gifted his cast sexy T-shirts that reveal how many times they “died” while filming John Wick: Chapter 4 fight scenes. stunt coordinator said The New York Times Some members of the stunt team, which consists of 35 people, were knocked out by Wick several times over the course of the nearly three-hour action movie. Rogers estimated that one stuntman in particular died a total of five or six times during Wake Myth of the Sisyphus-esque stairs fight scene. In addition to gifting his team’s amazing jerseys with death charges on them, Reeves also appears to have given his team an exciting game. A $10,000 Rolex Watch Engraved With “The John Wick Five”.

Reeves’ appreciation for the cast and crew went beyond giving gifts. backstage John Wick 4 Footage on TikTok shows the action movie star helping his production team Carry the equipment boxes up the Sacré Coeur ladder.

that Falling down stairs was 50% movie magic, 50% real bumps

For those curious as to whether or not Reeves actually did that agonizing stair bump, it was actually his stunt double, Vincent Boyon, who was the one who took the plunge. While some of the steps had hidden padding that was digitally removed with visual effects, Bouillon and the rest of the performers still had to take the brunt of the impact without the soft landings. Falling down the 300 steps of the Sacré Coeur is a smaller price to pay for having a Rolex and Bouillon watch gifted by Keanu Reeves than it is to earn.

“Outside some bumps and bruises,” said Rogers The New York Times He was proud that none of the stunt team members suffered concussions while filming that fight scene. There were “no concussions” among the staff. The film ended with a second shot of Boyon falling down the stairs because he got stuck on a railing during his first attempt, according to director Chad Stahelski. To maintain continuity, Stahelski told The New York Times that he “still has to throw Mr. Reeves down a couple of stairs.”

“That look that John Wick gives when he looks at his watch and actually looks at the stairs, I think 50 percent John Wick and 50 percent Keanu Reeves went, ‘Stahelski did it to me again,’” Stahelski said. That’s the fun thing about John Wick. He suffers and goes on.”

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I think I speak for everyone when I say I knock on wood every day and pray the only skeletons in Reeves’ closet are just A collection of props he stole from a movie set. In regards to Reeves’ upcoming projects, the ‘amazing’ actor is set to be involved Constantine 2the John Wick spin off ballet dancerand reprized his role as gritty rock star Johnny Silverhand in the upcoming film Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion.

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