April 19, 2024

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Kremlin condemns Macron’s “misunderstanding”.

A Kremlin spokesman challenged the description of the partnership between the two powers given by the French president in this Monday’s newspaper. Comment.

Via Le Figaro with AFP

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Emmanuel Macron in Paris on May 11, 2023. Ludovic Marin / AFP

The Kremlin on Monday condemned “MisunderstandingRelations between Moscow and Beijing on the part of Emmanuel Macron, after the French president assessed that Russia was entering “A form of enslavement in the case of China». “This approach is completely wrong and is the result of a complete misunderstanding of the essence of what is happeningBetween the two powers, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov was blamed.

Our relationship with China is in the nature of a special strategic partnership“He said to himself”Strongly disagreeWith the position defended by Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with a French newspaper Comment Published on Sunday, the French head of state assessed “Russia has already lost geopoliticallyBy leading a military offensive in Ukraine. “This has practically started a kind of enslavement with respect to China“, he supported.

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“Taking Mutual Interests into Account”

Dmitry Peskov confirmed on Monday that relations between Moscow and Beijing are a matter of course.Mutual interests, mutual benefits, closeness in their worldviews, joint rejection of attempts to dictate (and) impose someone else’s opinion on the development of our countries.“.

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For nearly 15 months, China has not publicly condemned Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine, unlike most world powers. In mid-March, Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled to Moscow for a high-profile summit with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, where both leaders expressed their union with the West.

However, China sent an envoy to Europe this week “A political solution to the Ukrainian crisis“. In addition to visiting Russia, Poland, France and Germany, Li Hui will be in Ukraine on Tuesday and Wednesday, kyiv reported.

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