May 30, 2024

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Kushida reaches an impressive finalist at Impact's Main Event debut

Kushida reaches an impressive finalist at Impact’s Main Event debut

Kushida debuted in an Impact ring on Thursday’s issue of wrestling effect. The former champion from NJPW, ROH, and NXT strutted his stuff in defeating Rich Swann with an impressive final blow.

Kushida fought Swann in the main TV event with future world title repercussions at stake. The winner will be put in a corner for a world title after Josh Alexander defended the World Championship against Alex Shelley in Appearance of Friday, August 12.

Kushida entered dressed in homage to Marty McFly from Back to the future.

The Time Splitter choked Swann and mocked Hulk Hogan’s muscle shuffling.

Kushida used the submissions to grind Swan and focused on weakening the wing. Swan lunged with kicks to the midsection and spine. Swann earned a bit of praise for the earlier sarcasm by stirring the seal in the corner. When Kushida was nervous to receive the blow, Swan punched him in kissing instead.

Kushida stuck to his strategic game plan to get an arm. Swan stacked up for a pin, but Kushida ran back to get a rod. Swann was able to roll toward the ropes for a dramatic break.

The fight raged with back-and-forth attacks. Swann got the upper hand with a variety of kicks and neck breaks.

Swan sought to end the match with a Phoenix spray, but missed the goal. Kushida shot the hip and dropped the kick. Kushida plotted to obtain Kimura’s arm, however, Swan responded to the German suplex.

Duel opponents in the corner. Swann in search of a typhoon jumped to Kushida, away from the clamps. Swan was too slow to climb for a high-flying attack, so Kushida jumped for a hand-spring kick. That blow stunned Swan long enough for Kushida to work for Kimura on the peg pins. Then Kushida turned it into a heart attack. Upon impact on the carpet, Kushida kept kimura trotting to earn the win.

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the curse! The kimura flip slam, otherwise known as the Hoverboard Lock, was a great finisher from Kushida. This isn’t a new contract in his arsenal, but it was new to me the first time I watched a match in Kushida. More important than executing that impressive maneuver, Kushida beat former World Champion Impact. That should put him on the shortlist for the gold medal.

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