May 25, 2024

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kyiv claims part of Baghmouth is under its control

kyiv claims part of Baghmouth is under its control

Indeed, Ukraine cannot win a war against Russia, Hungary’s prime minister said today, pleading for talks with Moscow to end the conflict. The Hungarian prime minister, who maintains ties to the Kremlin, is one of the rare leaders within the European Union (EU) not to visit the queue. It opposes other EU members in the war and refuses to help its Ukrainian neighbors militarily. He reiterated his calls for a ceasefire.

“It is obvious that a military solution will not work”He told an economic forum in Qatar that he believed a Russian invasion in 2022 would be the result. “The Failure of Diplomacy”. “If you look at the reality, the numbers, the context and the fact that NATO is not ready to send troops, it is clear that there is no victory for the poor Ukrainians in the place of war. That is my position”, hammering Mr Orban. He also criticizes EU leaders “Intellectuals”.

For Viktor Orbán, a new European defense pact with Moscow should be negotiated after the ceasefire. “As a state, Ukraine is, of course, very important, but in the long term, from a strategic point of view, what is at stake is the future security of Europe. » “It is clear that Europe has no security infrastructure without the United States. And this war cannot be stopped (…) “Only if the Russians reach an agreement.” With Washington.

Hungary, which depends on Russia for about half of its energy needs, is negotiating a natural gas import deal with Qatar, hoping to see deliveries begin in 2026, Mr. Orban said.

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European diplomatic chief Josef Borrell confirmed today that Hungary has rejected new military aid to Ukraine. “Surely” That it will be opened.