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Kyler Murray signs massive extension: Which next QBs will get huge deals in the coming months?


Kyler Murray became the latest quarterback to land a mega contract, agreeing to a five-year, $230.5 million deal that makes him the second highest-paid player in the NFL by average annual value. Murray’s total contract amount is the third highest in the NFL while the guaranteed $160 million is the second in NFL history.

While the Murray deal hasn’t reset the market like Deshaun Watson’s fully secured $230 million deal earlier this year, it does set a bar for what the brokers’ team will demand in the coming months. There are quite a few quarterbacks who are set to cash in on mega contracts, whether it’s before this season or this upcoming season.

Which quarterbacks are in line to receive this franchise change? With Murray signed, stamped and handed over, these are the midfielders who should stay on the lookout for a new contract over the coming months.

Jackson is the franchise’s 2018 draft class quarterback who has not signed a long-term extension yet, playing his fifth-year option with Baltimore Ravens Priced at $23.016 million. Josh Allen signed his deal (same draft class as Jackson) for $43,005,667 per season in 2020 (currently the fifth highest paid contract in the NFL).

Jackson is expected to earn a much higher salary thanks to these off-season Watson and Murray deals, as he is counting on himself to earn the top three salaries on his own. All Baltimore has done is win since Jackson became quarterback in Week 11 of the 2018 season, as the Ravens are 37-12 during that stretch. Jackson is also the first quarterback player in the NFL To reach 35 regular season wins before the age of 25.

Jackson has completed 64.2% of his passes for 9,880 yards with 83 touchdowns to 31 interceptions (rated 98.0) since becoming the Ravens’ player—while rushing for 3,564 yards and 20 touchdowns. He is the fastest quarterback in league history with 5,000 yards and 2,000 rushing yards (35 games), and tied with Michael Vick for the 10–100 yard dash for the most in league history.

It will be determined if Jackson gets paid by the Ravens, but a huge contract is coming. This huge deal may come in the coming weeks.

The talented 2020 draft class quarterbacks are entering their third season, which means a countdown is on for their massive extensions. Herbert is the quarterback to set records after his first two seasons, so it’s a question of ‘when’ Los Angeles Chargers And Herbert agrees to a long-term deal.

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Herbert has the most completes (839), passes (9350 yards), and touchdown passes (69) during the first two seasons of a career in league history, while also the first quarterback to play in each of the 30-plus touchdown passes. The first two seasons – arguably the greatest start for any quarterback.

How likely will Herbert get to reset the market, But he admitted to CBS Sports He and the shipper have not discussed anything regarding the extension.

“I love being recruited here and being able to play here,” Herbert said back in June. “I think we are doing all the right things. I believe in the staff, all my teammates, and the front office. So all I can do is hope for the best. It is beyond my control, but I will continue to play football.”

Like Herbert, Burrow is standing in line for a massive extension as he enters his third year in the league. The bigger question would be whether Herbert or Burrow would sign first and set a precedent for the other.

Burrow established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the game, a year after he was discharged from ACL surgery. He completed 70.4% of his league passes for 4,611 yards with 34 touchdowns to 14 interceptions for a passing rating of 108.4 last season. Burrow also led the NFL in yards per attempt (8.9) despite being fired by the league’s highest level 51 times in the regular season. He led the NFL in touchdown passes over 30 yards in 2021 (15), seven more than Tom Brady (who was in second). When pressed, Burrow was first in the league in completion percentage (61%), yards per attempt (8.6) and quarterback rating (92.4).

Another massive season and deep playoff career could see Burrow become the highest-paid midfielder in football. Burrow only needs 4,500 yards to become the first player in NFL history to score that much in at least two of his first three seasons, and it’s even more incentive for him to have a massive 2022 season.

It’s easy to forget that Brady is in line for his new contract, as the seven-time Super Bowl champion is set to hit free agency this out of season. Brady retired this season, only to reverse the decision after 40 days and play the final year of his contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Will Brady re-sign with Tampa Bay or will he test the waters of the free agent again? Brady has been linked to Miami Dolphin And the San Francisco 49ers In the past, but other teams will be interested in his services if he decides to play in 2023.

Brady makes $25 million annually and is currently the 14th highest paid player in the league. Even if Brady gets a discount in the free agency, he’s sure to get a raise outside next season if he decides to play.

Brady spent one of his greatest seasons as Kmar at the age of 44, and has become the first player since then Peyton Manning In 2013—and the third player since 1991 (Drew Bryce also, in 2008)—to lead the league in completions (485), attempts (719), passing yards (5316) and touchdown passes (43). There is no indication that Brady’s game is waning, and he could prove it again in 2022.

Wilson was traded to Denver Broncos That’s off season to be the quarterback in the franchise, after two years and $51 million left on a four-year, $140 million deal he signed in 2019. A pay increase with the Broncos is coming, with Wilson ranked ninth among the NFL players in terms of Average annual value ($35 million per season).

One of four quarterbacks with a career pass rating of over 100, Wilson racked up 113 career wins during his first 10 seasons in the league—more than any quarterback in NFL history (including the playoffs). 317 descents pass through the course of only 10 seasons Peyton Manning (327) for the largest number in league history (including the playoffs).

Prior to injuring his finger last season, Wilson led the NFL in yards per attempt (9.6), touch-to-intercept ratio (10-1), and passer rating (125.3). He completed 64.8% of his passes for 3,113 yards with 25 touchdowns to six interceptions for a rating of 103.1 passers in 2021 — his last season with Seattle Seahawks. Wilson is the only player to have a pass rating of over 100 in each of the past four seasons.

A new decade is coming up Wilson Road. Like Herbert, it’s a matter of “when” Wilson gets his deal.

Hurts is the base card in the 2020 draft class in terms of getting a massive extension, especially since he has only started 19 careers in his two seasons. The Philadelphia Eagles Committed to Hurts 2022, but his future as the leader behind the franchise series will be decided.

Hurts completed 61.3% of his passes for 3,144 yards with 16 touchdowns to nine interceptions for a rating of 87.2 last season, the second quarterback in the Eagles’ history to throw for 3,000 yards and sprint for 750 yards in a single season — and eighth to reach those numbers in NFL Date. This was in his first season as a full-time midfielder.

The only player in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in his first 20 starts, Hurts has shown that he can be the NFL quarterback. The Eagles put the pieces on attack around Herts for success in 2022, giving them a much better read on whether it’s worth a contract extension beyond the 2023 season.

Just like Hurts, Tagovailoa needs to improve his game on the pitch if the Miami Dolphins are to ensure he’s their quarterback for the next several years. Unlike Hurts, Tagovailoa has an option for a fifth year in the Dolphins can-play junior deal for 2024.

Miami Tagovailoa gave all the skilled players he needed to take his game to the next level. Whether the offensive line is better is the absolute question mark on Tagovailoa’s future. The source of the offensive discrepancy in 2021, Miami was 30th in the league in rushing (92.2 yards per game) and 31 yards per carry (3.5 yards per carry). The Dolphins had three offensive navigators allowing over 45 presses last year in Liam Eichenberg (62), Jesse Davis (57) and Austin Jackson (49) – They were all ranked in the top ten in the most allowable pressures in the league.

Tagoviloa completed 67.8% of his passes for 2,653 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions despite constant pressure in his face – a 13-8 quarterback despite three offensive coordinators who coached him in the two seasons.

This is the season of success or break for Tagovailoa. If he has a big third season, a massive contract extension could be next on the agenda.

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