April 12, 2024

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Lewis Hamilton told Tom Brady that the Miami GP will be the Super Bowl in F1

Lewis Hamilton told Tom Brady that the Miami GP will be the Super Bowl in F1

“I’ve never really gotten to know how, you know, going to Tom’s games…going to watch the NBA and seeing how amazing the fan base is here, [are] “They are very excited about the sport in this country and therefore don’t understand why they are not connected to our sport,” Hamilton said on Thursday.

The Miami GP is the first of two Formula 1 races to be held in the US this year – the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas takes place in October. And in 2023, Las Vegas will become the third Grand Prix in America.

“At some point we didn’t have a grand prix here and then we only had one,” said the 37-year-old. “Now we’re expanding. I think this is going to be like our Super Bowl.”

“I’m very happy to be in Miami. This is the sport’s first time here and the anticipation of this event has just skyrocketed,” added Hamilton ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix, which will take place at Hard Rock Stadium.

“Everyone is very excited but there will be a little tension because there will be a lot of people here and this is a new circuit.”

Arguably two of the greatest athletes of all time, Hamilton and Brady played golf together and discussed success and failure at a charity event at Miami Beach Golf Club with luxury Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen.

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Hamilton said it was a tough start to the 2022 season with Mercedes driving well. . But sometimes, he added, “you get stuck” and “fall off.”

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“It is our responsibility to pick each other up and go through those tough times when we get stronger and we get closer and tighter and dig deeper than we thought… They say you have to dig deep, but you can always dig deeper. You can always go further. “.

At the event, Hamilton also spoke about how Formula One “saved” him.

“Young people are everything and something I’m passionate about is getting kids into STEM subjects,” the Mercedes driver said at a fundraiser for underprivileged Miami kids at Miami Beach Golf Club on Wednesday.

Coy Wire told CNN on Hamilton & Brady: "  You both wear a helmet to work.  You are both very paid.  You're in the driver's seat, leading a team of people to make split-second decisions with massive repercussions.  & quot;

“Sport brings people together and it saved my life. I’m glad we’re doing something for good,” he added.

“It is better to play and lose than not to play at all.”

Brady also gave his view on the concepts of success in sports.

“You have to understand the fact that it is still better to play and lose than not play at all,” said Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

“So I feel like even though you might not win all the time, performing in play is more fun. Obviously everyone wants to win. It’s a very tough competition. When I lose, I focus on… How do I get back into the game?”

“I’m thinking about the Super Bowl in 2016 against Atlanta. We were down 25 points. You can’t score 25 points in one attack, you just have to walk away, you have to put yourself in close range. And that just comes with a lot of great plays and a lot of confidence in what’s going on. you do”.

Brady added, “But, you know, we don’t always win. And that’s just part of the sport. But I love and enjoy when you have the chance to come back – in my last game against rams In the playoffs, we lost a bunch of points and found a way to tie the match.

Then he died at the end [Stafford] He had…a great throw for Cooper [Kupp] To win to really win that match.

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“You don’t always win them all,” Brady said, “but it’s fun to come back when you do. And these are the people you probably remember the most.”

Four of the NFL's best quarterbacks feature in the latest edition of The Match & # 39;

The 44-year-old quarterback, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has noticed how the challenges he faces have changed as he has gotten older.

“Your life when you are 25 is very different from 35. I look at 35, I think, man, my life was very simple at 35 and now…here are many unique challenges you face.

“And I’m still putting my time and energy where it needs to be, you know, so other aspects of my life are working well as well. So that was the biggest challenge as I got older, you know, trying to make sure my priorities stay my priorities.”

“But I feel like when football season comes around, you know, that was always my first love. It’s amazing that you still have the ability to go out and compete like I did. And I do it because I love my teammates. That’s the truth.”

Hamilton won seven titles in Formula One.

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old Hamilton, who has the most race victories in F1 history, said he had “struggled mentally and emotionally for a long time”.

In an Instagram story, Hamilton said he had had a “really tough year with everything going on around us” and that “it’s hard some days to stay positive”.

However, he also provided support and reassurance to his followers.

“I am writing to tell you that it is good to feel the way you feel, just know that you are not alone and we will get through this!” Hamilton added.

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