May 26, 2024

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Live – Corona virus: Seven residents vaccinated at a nursing and nursing home in Belgium have died of a Colombian variant infection

08h00: According to the Belgian website La Ternier Huer, the first two infections were diagnosed on July 16 in a unit for dementia patients, who were isolated and subjected to all necessary measures. In total, 20 contaminants were exposed, but all for this service only. Of the seven patients who died, some were already unwell and others were relatively well. The affected 20 residents, but all staff – except one student – were vaccinated. “We do not know how the virus entered the service,” said Kathleen Boydon, head of maintenance and human resources.

8:31 a.m .: Seven residents vaccinated at a nursing and nursing home in Sauventem, Belgium, have died of the corona virus, the VRT says. Information taken by the French news site this morning “7 out of 7”. The vaccinated victims contracted the little-known Colombian type.

The infection has spread within the ward to dementia patients. In fact, people with dementia do not know what a virus is and how to prevent it from spreading. It is not yet clear how the virus was introduced to this feature.

“Probably through relatives or staff,” says Caitlin Boydons. All residents of the department concerned and the people working there have been fully vaccinated.

Within the nursing and care home, 97% of staff were vaccinated. Variants of Govit-19, even if vaccinated, can have dangerous consequences in vulnerable populations.

“British studies show that the Colombian variant is not more malignant than the variants we already know about,” however, underscoring virologist Mark von Ronz.