May 29, 2024

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Live – Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III pledges to serve the English for the rest of his life

Live – Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III pledges to serve the English for the rest of his life

London Bridge is down” A code name given to the scheme in the days following the Queen’s death. First, the Queen’s personal physician, Huw Thomas, declared her dead and then decided what information to release to the public. The Queen’s private secretary, Sir Christopher Keith, then relayed the information to the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, via a secure private line. After this call, the Commonwealth was communicated to the 15 sovereigns of Elizabeth II, and then to the public.

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After news agencies announce the death, a grieving teenager will go to the gates of Buckingham Palace and announce a 10-day period of mourning. The Buckingham Palace website will display a black page on Prince Philip’s death. The bells of 16,000 churches in the United Kingdom ring together for an hour, for which a deafening sound is given.

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As the Queen dies at Balmoral, Operation Unicorn is launched, which enables her body to be transported to London by Royal Train. Four days after the Queen’s death, her body will lie in state at Westminster Hall for 23 hours a day for five days, until her funeral. Nine days after his death, a procession will be organized from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. At least one million people are planned to stay. The day of the funeral is a public holiday, with shops and the stock market closed.

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Prince Charles became king immediately after his mother’s death, will be announced at St James’s Palace the day after the death, and will then embark on a three-day tour of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He will address the nation before his departure.