March 28, 2023

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LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace

500 Buckingham staff will pay their respects to the Queen’s coffin

The Queen’s body is currently kept at Buckingham Palace in London. The entire palace staff, about 500 people, will be able to pay their last respects in the bow room on Tuesday evening.

The sovereign’s family will also gather around the corpse. The Queen’s four children, including King Charles, will be reunited with grandchildren including Harry and Meghan.

Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace

Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. After about 50 minutes by car, the procession passes the palace gates.

Despite the rain, the people who had gathered on the ground clapped and cheered.

The coffin will now rest in the “bow room”, where members of the royal family will gather for the first time since the sovereign’s death.

Princess Anne has spoken of “an honor and a privilege” to ride in her mother’s motorcade

Princess Anne has spoken of “an honor and a privilege” to ride in her mother’s motorcade.

As the procession arrived in London on Tuesday, the Sovereign’s daughter expressed her hope to our peers. Guardian In the last 24 hours.

“I was lucky enough to share the last 24 hours of my dear mother’s life. It was an honor and a privilege to accompany her on her final journey. To witness the love and respect shown by so many on these journeys. Humble and uplifting. We will all share unique memories.”

She wants to thank “everyone who shares our sense of loss.” I am very grateful for the support and understanding extended to my dear brother King Charles as he takes on additional responsibilities.

Congestion in the auditory canal

The Sovereign’s body continues its journey to Buckingham Palace. During this forty-minute procession, many Britons stop to watch the procession.

On the A40, several cars stopped in the fast lane causing a huge traffic jam. Some applause is heard.

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Harry and Meghan arrive at Buckingham Palace

As the Queen’s coffin makes its way to Buckingham Palace, Harry and Meghan arrive at the palace. BBC. Contrary to the protocol of the crown, Harry and his wife will meditate near the coffin.

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“Royals will meet the Queen’s coffin as it arrives at Buckingham Palace soon,” the news site wrote.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been spotted by journalists in the media, according to media reports.

It will be the first time since Balmoral that the Queen’s ashes will be surrounded by heir to the throne Charles and his two grandsons: William and Harry, with their respective wives Kate and Meghan.

Elizabeth II’s coffin makes its way to Buckingham Palace

The royal coffin was transferred to a hearse before leaving Nordold Airport. He is now on his way to Buckingham Palace, where King Charles III will welcome him with Queen Consort Camilla.

The hearse should reach Buckingham Palace in about 50 minutes. The London rain did not deter the British, many of whom lined the roadsides waiting to see the convoy pass. Coffin especially borrows the highway, where many cars are parked on the hard shoulder to take one last look at the coffin.

The royal coffin has arrived at Northolt Airport near London

The plane carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s ashes landed at Northolt Airport in England.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, are on the tarmac to welcome the coffin before it is taken to Buckingham Palace in London.

The plane carrying Elizabeth II’s coffin lands at Northolt Airport in England. © BFM TV

Elizabeth II’s remains leave Edinburgh Airport

A Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster plane carrying Queen Elizabeth’s coffin took off from Edinburgh Airport with full military honours.

The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II has left for London.
The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II has left for London. © BFM TV

He is on his way to London, where he is expected in less than an hour.

The plane carrying Elizabeth II’s coffin prepares to take off

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was placed inside a Royal Air Force aircraft. The remains were carried away in solemn silence before being joined by Princess Anne.

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After a 55-minute journey, the flight is scheduled to land in London at 7:30pm French time.

The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II prepares to take off from Edinburgh.
The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II prepares to take off from Edinburgh. © BFM TV

Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Edinburgh Airport

Elizabeth II’s coffin prepares to leave Scotland. He will fly to London in a Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster.

The royal motorcade traveled 14 kilometers between St-Gilles Cathedral and the tarmac, with Scots lining the roads to clap and pay their last respects.

Princess Anne will escort the body to the English capital, where the coffin will be received by King Charles before spending the night at Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Edinburgh

Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh to the sound of bagpipes.

The final procession takes place in front of thousands of Scots who have come to pay their last respects to their Queen.

Princess Anne, who is in Edinburgh, will accompany her mother to London. The coffin will be carried by a Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster aircraft that has carried out many humanitarian missions in the past.

Charles III leaves Belfast to visit Buckingham Palace

The religious ceremony concluded at Ste Anne’s Cathedral. King Charles III allowed himself a walk before heading to London to receive the Queen’s coffin at Buckingham Palace.

Within an hour the coffin was due to leave Edinburgh for the English capital.

Religious Festival in Belfast

The King is at Ste Anne Cathedral to attend a service in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

The King addresses Northern Irish leaders

“My mother felt deeply the importance of her role in bringing together those who had been separated by history and in healing long-standing wounds,” said King Charles. Hillsborough Castle.

Before her, Alex Maskey, leader of Sinn Féin, the party that supports the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland, welcomed the Queen’s role and spoke of it as a “witness to social and political change”. Visit in 1953 and his second visit in 2012.

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“Yesterday a crowd of unionists, republicans and nationalists gathered to pay tribute to the late Queen. When she first ascended the throne, no one would have expected such a diverse and inclusive assembly.”

A visit to Northern Ireland in tension

The new King Charles III is traveling to the four countries of the United Kingdom this week, but it is in Northern Ireland that the most important test of reconciliation awaits him.

Northern Ireland has only known peace since 1998, and it remains tenuous.

Northern Irish unionists, deeply committed to Queen Elizabeth II, fear that their cause of belonging to the United Kingdom is under threat more than ever in a political climate disrupted by Brexit and the historic rise of republican nationalists. Ireland.

Sinn Féin, for its part, refuses to recognize the authority of the monarchy in Northern Ireland, and does not occupy its seats in the Westminster parliament.

King Charles in Ireland
King Charles in Ireland © BFMTV

Brides come to Edinburgh to say goodbye

Tens of thousands of people flocked this Tuesday to pray in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin in Edinburgh before it is moved to London, where a grand farewell is being prepared.

For hours, thousands of anonymous people gathered before the oak coffin in the Scottish capital’s cathedral, bowing, bowing, signing or wiping away tears.

Early on Tuesday morning, the Scottish Government warned that waiting times were around two hours but that queues could be longer in the morning.

The Queen's Coffin, in Edinburgh on September 12.
The Queen’s Coffin, in Edinburgh on September 12. © Jane Barlow – AFP

Russia, Belarus and Burma were not invited to the funeral

More than 500 leaders from around the world have been invited to the Queen’s funeral on Monday. Russia, Belarus and Burma are not on the list of invited countries.

After the queen’s death, Vladimir Putin said he “didn’t plan” to attend her funeral.

King Charles III on his way to Ireland

Charles III and his wife Camilla are expected to meet the leaders of the main parties in Northern Ireland on Tuesday. Prime Minister Liz Truss will join them there.