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Live – Govit-19: Will the Delta Variation Spoil the Summer Vacation?


It can be reopened by discos this Friday evening, but most will be closed

It’s T-Day: Nightclubs are preparing to reopen their nightclubs this Friday evening after being closed for about 16 months, but a strict health regulation imposed by the government is finally preventing most people from resuming their operations.

To enter, Covid you need a Health Pass: Complete vaccination for at least 14 days, a negative PCR or antigen test less than 48 hours or proof of Covid contamination fifteen days before six months. The mask is highly recommended, but not mandatory for clients.

Pfizer recommends a 3rd dose against the delta variant

At a time when the highly contagious delta variety is causing epidemics in Asia and Africa and increasing the number of cases in Europe and the United States, Pfizer / Bioentech recommends a third dose of its vaccine to increase its effectiveness.

Preliminary research data show that a booster dose given 6 months after the second dose has a consistent safety profile against the virus, which appeared in South Africa, including against the beta variant.

These levels are “5 to 10 times higher” than those seen after the initial two doses.

Both companies have shown good results in the laboratory against their vaccine delta variant, so a third dose can boost immunity against it. Tests are underway to “confirm this hypothesis”.

Tourists who do not enter Canada until “a good time” are not allowed

Canada has begun to ease travel restrictions for its citizens, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated that he will not allow foreign travelers to return to the country until “good times”.

“We must continue to ensure the safety of Canadians. No sacrifices have been made in the last few months,” he said.

Without providing details, the Prime Minister said changes in the rules regarding entry into the country of fully vaccinated tourists would be made “in the coming weeks”.

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Pressure is mounting on the Canadian government, especially from the tourism sector, to relax border rules between Canada and the United States, which share the world’s longest border. The latter has been closed for non-essential travel since March 2020.

Can the delta variant ruin the summer vacation?

Hello everyone and welcome to this new live dedicated to the evolution of the Govt-19 epidemic. Is the delta variant going to spoil the holidays? Clement Beyoncஞ்சு, French Secretary of State for European Affairs, advised the French on Thursday to “avoid Spain and Portugal” this summer.

The health situation in Spain has deteriorated drastically in recent days, with an explosion in the number of Covit-19 contaminants among young people, and Catalonia (northeast) decided on Tuesday to restrict controls.

In Portugal, the share of delta variants in new corona virus cases detected in the country has increased to almost 90%, according to a report.

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