April 18, 2024

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Live – Hamas attacks: Israel’s deadline to evacuate northern Gaza has passed

Live – Hamas attacks: Israel’s deadline to evacuate northern Gaza has passed

According to the Israeli military, several “terrorists” were killed during the attempted infiltration from Lebanon

The Israeli military announced that several “terrorists” were killed when an infiltration attempt from Lebanon was thwarted.

“A few hours ago Israeli soldiers identified a terrorist commando who was trying to cross into Israeli territory from Lebanon. A drone targeted this commando and killed several terrorists,” the spokesman said.

24 Thais were killed and 16 were taken hostage

Thailand’s death toll in the war between Israel and Hamas has risen to 24, Prime Minister Shretha Thavisin announced on Saturday, after officials in the country had no news of the 16 Thai hostages.

Two more Thai nationals were injured, the Thai Foreign Ministry said, bringing the total number to 16.

Joseph Borrell calls the Gaza evacuation order “absolutely impossible.”

The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, declared this Saturday that the Israeli order to evacuate more than a million people from northern Gaza in one day was “absolutely impossible to implement”.

“As a representative of the EU’s official position, I say that it is absolutely impossible to implement (the withdrawal directive),” Joseph Borrell told a press conference in Beijing on the last day of his three-day visit. to Beijing.

“Imagining that a million people could be displaced in 24 hours in a situation like Gaza would only result in a humanitarian crisis,” he added.

A senior Hamas military officer was killed by the Israeli army

A senior military officer of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has been killed by the Israeli air force in the past 24 hours, a military spokesman announced this Saturday.

“During the last 24-hour air force operation, the command bases of the terrorist organization Hamas were hit. During this operation, Mourad Abou Mourad, the head of air operations (of Hamas) in Gaza City, was responsible for a large part. The deadly attack launched against Israel on Saturday was dispelled,” he said. The spokesperson said in a statement.

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Reuters journalist killed, six others injured in Lebanon

A Reuters video journalist was killed and six journalists from AFP, Reuters and Al-Jazeera were wounded while covering the situation in southern Lebanon on Friday, three media outlets said.

A group of journalists from different media outlets came under cross-border shelling near the village of Alma H-Shab near the Israeli border, one of the two AFP journalists injured said.

A Lebanese security source told AFP that the first Israeli bombings followed an attempt by Palestinians to cross into Israel from the Lebanese border.

Why Israel’s eviction order seems ‘impossible’ to UN

While Tel Aviv calls for hundreds of thousands of Gazans to leave the north, such a population displacement in such a short period of time and in such a small area is considered “technically and logistically impossible” by the UN and other internationals. systems. We tell you more in this article.

The deadline for Israel’s Gaza evacuation is running out

Israel on Friday ordered the evacuation of “all civilians” from Gaza City within 24 hours “for their own safety and security”.

A mass evacuation from northern Gaza would be “catastrophic” for hospital patients, with hospitals in the south already at full capacity, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated on Friday.

A week after the Hamas attack, Israel continues its retaliation

A week after attacks by the terror group killed around 1,200 people and left many others missing, the Israeli army Tsahal is stepping up attacks in the Gaza Strip. And the question of whether there will be a ground attack in the Palestinian territories is on everyone’s lips.

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