February 29, 2024

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Live – Israel-Hamas war: Tel Aviv unveils plan for Gaza nearly 3 months after war began

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant presented his first “post-war” plan for the Gaza Strip on Thursday, according to which there would be no “Hamas” or “Israeli Civil Administration” in the Palestinian territories. At the end of the fight. .
The announcement comes ahead of the 4th visit of US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken.
Follow the latest information on the conflict.

Nutritional deficiency

In a statement released on Friday, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Director Catherine Russell warned of malnutrition in the Gaza Strip. He warns that 90% of children under the age of two consume two or fewer food groups, often including cereals – bread – or milk, meeting the definition of “severe food poverty”.

The deterioration of the situation “raises fears that severe malnutrition and mortality will exceed famine thresholds”, UNICEF declares. The organization “works to provide life-saving aid to the children of Gaza that they desperately need. But we urgently need better and safer access to save children's lives,” says Catherine Russell.

Children in the Gaza Strip

Catherine Russell, Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)., warned Friday that time was running out for Gaza's children, who are “trapped in a nightmare that is getting worse by the day.” They face a “triple threat” to their lives due to rising disease, dwindling food supplies and increasing fighting.

He warned that children's living conditions were “deteriorating rapidly”, noting an increase in cases of diarrhea and worsening food poverty among children in the region.


Anthony Blinken landed in Istanbul (Turkey) on the first leg of a diplomatic tour focused on the Israel-Hamas conflict, particularly the humanitarian situation in Gaza. In addition to Turkey and Greece, the US diplomat will visit five Arab countries, Israel and the West Bank.

Shipping giant Maersk is diversifying its fleet

Danish shipping company Maersk announced on Friday that it was diverting its fleet through the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the Red Sea, where it has suspended all routes following Houthi attacks. “All Maersk vessels transiting the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden will be diverted south around the Cape of Good Hope in future,” he said. “All available information confirms that the security risk is at a significantly high level.”

You are a Hamas car

The Hamas Health Ministry announced on Friday that 22,600 people had been killed in Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. Among them, 162 people have been killed in the last 24 hours and 57,910 people have been injured since October 7, the ministry said.

Body of Israeli killed on October 7 “laid in Gaza”

The body of an Israeli killed on October 7 during an unprecedented Hamas attack on Israel has been taken to the Gaza Strip and laid to rest, its Kibbutz Nir Oz community announced on Friday. Tamir Aadhar, 38, is believed to be alive and held hostage in the enclave, but the Israeli military confirmed he was killed later that day. “Since then, his body has been kept in Gaza,” the statement said.

Israel continues its operations in Gaza

Israel continued its bombing and ground operations in Gaza on Friday as three months of conflict between Israel and Hamas drew to a close. The Israeli army announced on Friday that it had “eradicated a terrorist group” that wanted to attack one of its tanks in Buraj during the night and destroyed several rocket launchers aimed at Israel in Khan Yunis at the cost of a ground battle. A large southern city, the center of fighting for days.

What would this “post-war” plan consist of?

The Israeli defense minister presented his first “post-war” plan on Thursday. Yoav Gallant proposes that the Gaza Strip is home to “Hamas” or the “Israeli Civil Administration”. The plan still has to be approved by the government, which is divided on Mullivaikal.

The Point of Night

A “post-war” project in Gaza. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Thursday unveiled his first post-war plan on Gaza, which must win the divided government's approval of the thorny issue. He said operations in Gaza would “continue” until the hostages were returned, “removal of Hamas' military and administrative capabilities” and “removal of military threats”. After that a new phase begins, which is the day after the battle. “There will be no Israeli civilian presence in the Gaza Strip after the objectives of the war have been achieved,” he pointed out, though the IDF would retain “freedom of action” and avoid any potential “threat”.

Before “after”, there is “when”. During the night from Thursday to Friday, Israeli forces again stepped up attacks in the south and center of the Gaza Strip, where heavy fighting took place, witnesses said. On Thursday, Israeli airstrikes and artillery strikes hit Khan Younes, a large city in the south of the Gaza Strip that has become the center of operations, an AFP journalist said.

New arrival of US diplomatic chief. Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken expects to make his fourth visit to the region since the start of the war in Gaza, with stops in Israel, the West Bank and five Arab countries in particular. He will advocate for “immediate steps to significantly increase humanitarian assistance” in the Palestinian Territory, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said.

Three Israelis are missing as Hamas hostages. “So far the three missing civilians have been identified as hostages and their families have been informed,” Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said Thursday. The announcement brought the number of people still held hostage in Gaza to 132 since the October 7 attack, according to figures provided by Israeli officials.


Hello everyone. Welcome to TF1info to follow the latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7, 2023, after a bloody attack by the Islamic movement.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant presented his first “post-war” plan for the Gaza Strip. “Hamas” Inside “Israeli Civil Administration” In the Palestinian territories at the end of the fighting. Yoav Gallant released broad descriptions of the plan to the press before presenting it to Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet, which has been divided in recent weeks on the move to follow in the war against Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement in power in Gaza since 2007.

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According to the plan, activities in the Gaza Strip “to be continued” up to “The Return of the Hostages”au “Disrupting Hamas' Military and Administrative Capabilities” And “Eliminating Military Threats in the Gaza Strip”, argued Yoav Gallant. After that another phase begins “next day”A war according toHamas does not control Gaza. According to this plan, at this stage, it has not been accepted by the government.

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“There will be no Israeli citizens in the Gaza Strip after the objectives of the war have been fulfilled” Gallant said Thursday, noting that the Israeli army will hold on “His freedom of action” In Gaza to control it all “threat” Possible.

“The residents of Gaza are Palestinians. Therefore, the Palestinian institutions (administration) are responsible if there is no hostile action or threat against the State of Israel.”The defense minister said without specifying which of the Palestinians would govern the territory, home to 2.4 million people.

In recent weeks, analysts have debated various scenarios of Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority (PA), which currently sits in the occupied West Bank, returning to the Gaza Strip after the war. However, according to a recent poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Polling Research (PCPSR), an independent organization based in Ramallah, nearly two-thirds of Palestinians (64%) believe that Hamas will retain control of Gaza after the end of the war. . 11% of the respondents predicted an AP government but without Mahmood Abbas and 7% with the latter government.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayeh pleaded in favor of a political solution not just for Gaza, but for “the whole of Palestine.”

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