May 21, 2024

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Live – Putin-Macron exchange, serious tensions: A Sunday to avoid war in Ukraine

Civilians trapped between Ukrainian separatists and believers: our statement this Sunday in front of the Donbass

For the first time in three days there is a brother who uses relative silence to get bread and milk and leave his house. There is a woman who has turned her basement into her family’s dormitory. Or Larissa, this grocery store owner who is in a deserted store, wants to leave, but does not know where.

In Schastia, in the torn Donbass between Ukrainian forces and Donetsk or Lukansk separatists, our journalists put on the ground – in this report, aired this Sunday – that troops will be evacuated from loyal forces in Kiev, such as Lukansk and Donetsk separatists. .

In the last 24 hours, European observers from OSCE have condemned the breach of the 1,500 agreement.

Russia reiterates in Washington that it can attack Ukraine “at any time.”

The White House reiterated on Saturday that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine “at any time” as tensions between Moscow and the West mount.

White House spokesman Jen Psi said US President Joe Biden was due to attend a rare National Security Council meeting on the Ukraine crisis on Sunday.

Joe Biden was briefed on talks at the Munich Security Conference between Western leaders on the current crisis, and his national security advisers “reaffirmed that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time.” Zen PSAG added.

1,500 ceasefire violations, civilians trapped at the crossroads: already torn Donbass between Kiev and separatists

Observers of OSCE’s European organization confirm this./ In the past 24 hours, there have been 1,500 ceasefire violations between Kiev and the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk. Suffice it to say that this Sunday morning, at the said ceasefire, there was not much more.

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Our correspondent on the Clémence Dibout site took on this confusing situation.

France recommends its compatriots to leave Ukraine

France is now urging all its compatriots to leave Ukraine and calling on those in war-torn areas east of the country to leave “without delay”.

“It is recommended that all French citizens residing in Ukraine have no compelling reason to leave the country,” underlined French diplomacy in an updated travel consultation on Saturday. So far, the French Foreign Ministry has only advised to “postpone all trips to Ukraine.”

NATO, Western powers: Diplomats begin to leave Ukraine

The embassies have also begun to evacuate, with many countries appealing to their citizens to leave the increasingly troubled Ukraine.

In anticipation of Russian military action, many Western nations have already relocated their ambassadors from Kiev to the city of Lviv, near the Polish border.

NATO has shifted its personnel from Ukraine from Kiev to Liv and Brussels in the west of the country to ensure their security, a coalition official told AFP on Saturday.

“The safety of our staff is very important, so the staff has been transferred to Liv and Brussels. NATO offices in Ukraine continue to operate,” a NATO official said without giving any staff figures.

In the United States, Biden will attend his National Security Council meeting

US President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend a rare meeting of the National Security Council on the Ukrainian crisis on Sunday, with a meeting between his foreign secretary, Anthony Blinken, and his Russian envoy, Sergei Lavrov, on Thursday, February 24.

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For nearly three months, Washington has been warning of preparations for a Russian attack on Ukraine.

On Friday, Joe Biden said for the first time that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, had decided to invade Ukraine “in the coming days” and that conflicts were currently escalating on the front lines in the east. The country aims to create “false justification” for launching the attack.

New Macron-Putin phone interview this Sunday at 11am

The interview will take place at 11am. This Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron plans a new meeting with Vladimir Putin to try to avoid a confrontation in Ukraine, where tensions are rising in the front line in the east.

The interview, scheduled for 11 a.m. French time, is being maintained even as Kiev now calls on its Western allies to suspend all “peace” policies aimed at Moscow, accusing Washington and Kiev of amassing 150,000 troops on the eastern border with Ukraine.

The extension of Moscow’s conditions on “guarantees” of its security, such as the withdrawal of NATO’s military infrastructure from Eastern Europe and the guarantee that Ukraine will never join the Atlantic Alliance, is unacceptable to the West.